Why Your Business Needs Stickers

Promotional business sticker marketing has been in existence for over six decades. All through this period, brand bumper stickers have proven to be very potent in building brands. 

Just in case you’ve neglected the use of a promotional business sticker, this post will show you why you shouldn’t. 


The efficiency of business sticker marketing

For more than sixty years, stickers (know more) have been used to promote business and political campaigns. While brands have been built and politicians have been installed in office through these stickers. They may seem old-fashioned when compared to social media but they are very efficient.business sticker marketing

One quality of these brand bumper stickers stand out, the fact that they are cheap to produce. Never has there been a cheaper means of offline publicity with so much efficiency. 

The number of impressions a promotional business sticker makes in a lifetime reaches between 5800 and 6000. This means the return on your investment is very high. You spend a little and get so much, isn’t that what every business owner wants?

Business sticker marketing is very efficient and shouldn’t be seen as archaic or weak. It could be the exact change you need to make to your publicity campaign to boost your sales. Let’s take a look at why your business needs a sticker marketing strategy.

business sticker marketing

Why you need business sticker marketing

  • Beyond bumpers

Once upon a time, stickers were only placed on bumpers. If you remember, when cars pass by, you would see big rectangular stickers mostly in white on their bumpers. They were so conventional, you almost knew what to expect with the designs.

Over the last decade, there has been a change in the mode of design of stickers. They are no longer just to make bumpers look good, they are used in building brands. brand bumper sticker

Brand bumper stickers now come in different sizes and colors. You can place your stickers on windows, doors, laptops, notebooks, and many other belongings. The whole aim is spreading messages about your business through these stickers.

  • Business sticker marketing is old school

When you think about it, social media is just modeled after the old school stickers. In those days, pinned, liked, posted, tagged, and even began conversations with stickers. Isn’t that exactly what we do with social media today? 

In other words, a promotional business sticker is the offline counterpart of a social media post. The same way social media posts generate impressions, these stickers generate massive impressions. 

All you need to do is print the right information on your custom stickers online and distribute them to the right quarters. This means that your design must be attractive and on point with respect to business information.

When you this, you enjoy more impressions, cheap exposure, and direct marketing. All of these are the dream of every good entrepreneur. 

business sticker marketing

  • Word-of-mouth potency

One of the best ways of publicizing any business is through word-of-mouth. People attest to the idea that social media alone gives this sort of publicity. However, business sticker marketing is also very potent in this regard.

The only difference between both media is that stickers are offline while social media is online. Recent studies have proven that people tend to trust word-of-mouth more when considering a purchase. brand bumper sticker

With your brand bumper stickers, you have the opportunity of amplifying the reach of your products. You should cease neglecting the potency of stickers as they have the ability to grow your brand exponentially. 

  • Business sticker marketing is intentional

This is very important for small businesses as the advertising space is clouded with so many adverts these days. If you are not intentional with your adverts, they are bound to get lost in the sea of other adverts.

The only way you will get people to see your business is if you do something that attracts their attention. One way to achieve this is through the use of stickers. They are intentional since they carry the necessary pieces of information about your business people need to know.

How else can a small business attract attention? After all, you cannot afford to get a celebrity to act as your brand ambassador. You need a cheap means of publicizing your business. Your best bet is a promotional business sticker.

business sticker marketing

  • Stickers are the perfect engaging gift

When you hand out brand bumper stickers, the receiver doesn’t see them as a means of publicity. Instead, they see these stickers as gifts, engaging gifts considering the amount of information they carry.

Generally, the perceived value of stickers handed out in this manner is far higher than all other promotional items. You can envelop these stickers and send them via mail to your stickers. On the other hand, they can pick the stickers up after purchase or simply pay for them. 

Whichever way your clients pick these stickers, they will appreciate them and can hand them out as gifts to others. The good thing is that they would hardly throw these stickers away, it is difficult to dispose of such items. brand bumper sticker

As soon as they receive your stickers, they begin to contemplate on where to place them or how to use them. Regardless of how they use these stickers, they are bound to make engagements on your behalf.

  • Promoting your brand

While you can wait on others to promote your brand, remember that no one can do it like you. It is your brand and you know the intricacies and your personal objectives. If you run a business sticker marketing campaign, you can switch up your figures in the craziest manner.

Stickers are one of the most tasteful methods of advocating for and spread the word about your brand. You can print the stickers and share them as you please. Send the stickers out to whoever you want, prospects or clients, it doesn’t matter.

The more people see your stickers, the more they know about what you do. This will shoot up your sales tremendously and build you the brand you’ve always wanted.


There are a million reasons why you should turn to business sticker marketing if you haven’t already. A promotional business sticker could be the difference you have been looking for. Print a few brand bumper stickers today and watch your business soar. If you want to know more, please visit Zigpac.