Xmas Corporate Gifts: Giving The Perfect Gift for Clients

One way to make your business more popular among customers this Christmas is by giving out Christmas corporate gifts. You should always have it in mind that customers always have a choice with respect to patronage and products. This is why you have to invest in Xmas corporate gifts. When you hand them branded Xmas gifts, they tend to remember you more. request quote from zigpac

How do you give out the perfect Xmas corporate gifts?

This is one question that has bothered many entrepreneurs. We are all willing to give out gifts but the problem is always what to give and how it should be given. If you don’t figure this out, giving out Christmas corporate gifts will be more challenging this year.

We understand your plight and want to help you. Here are a few tricks to help select the best Xmas corporate gifts.

  • Personalize the corporate Xmas gifts

When giving out branded Xmas gifts, you need to be intentional rather than automated. Some entrepreneurs want to send out alcoholic wine, for example, and end up sending to all their clients. This will end up being offensive to those who don’t consume alcohol. 

Personalizing the gifts means you take time to research every person’s needs then present gifts that suit such needs. It takes a lot of effort to send out gifts if you want them to be the right gifts. 

company packing box

  • Never overdo it with the Xmas corporate gifts.

It is great to be magnanimous but when it is in excess, it becomes business folly. Here’s a simple example to drive the point home. request quote from zigpac

One of your clients spends $250 all through the year at your business. At Christmas, you shouldn’t be sending out a gift worth $300. Don’t try to make people feel uncomfortable about gifts which is what happens when you overdo it. 

  • Think beyond Xmas when deciding on corporate gifts.

This is another challenge entrepreneurs have with giving out Christmas gifts. Most of us have received gifts that are only relevant to the holidays. 

You need to present your clients with gifts that are useful after the holidays. This way, they will remember your business all through the year. 

With these secrets at hand, you should find it less difficult to send out Christmas corporate gifts this year. 

Corporate gifts to hand out this Xmas

You are probably wondering what Xmas corporate gifts you should send out this year. There are so many options that it can be really confusing to pick the right ones. Remember that you need to personalize your branded Xmas gifts so your clients can enjoy them.

We have brought you a few suggestions which you can pick from to surprise your clients this Christmas.request quote from zigpac

  • Succulent Garden or Terrarium

The ambiance makes working in any environment more interesting. With a beautiful desktop item like the terrarium, you are able to brighten the days of your clients. 

A garden is synonymous with growth and expansion which is what you want for the relationship you share with your client. The great thing about this kind of plant is that they don’t require so much attention or care.

If you desire to present a less stressful option, you can go for an artificial garden arrangement. It is equally beautiful and smells nice. 

Xmas corporate gifts

  • Notebooks make for the best Xmas corporate gifts

Here’s a little takeaway secret. Notebooks (know more) are always welcome anytime, any day. There is so much use for the best professional notebook that people would hardly reject them.

Something about notebooks that is really striking is that they are useful to both the sender and receiver. While they help as a store of ideas and an organizer for the receiver, they create impressions for the sender.

This is the exact two-way traffic you have been looking forward to. There are so many styles to choose from. You can pick the large hardcover notebooks or the mini pocket notebook. It all boils down to what you think your clients will prefer.

  • Calendars

How can organize our daily activities without the help of calendars? There are calendars on our phones, tablets, PCs, etc. just to keep us organized. Despite all of the technology, a simple desktop or wall calendar can never go out of fashion.

They are among the most influential Christmas corporate gifts ever. Just like notebooks, they perform a dual function. Ensure these calendars come in carefully crafted designed and watch the wonders they would perform on your business.

new business calendars

  • Toiletry bag

This is one of the items people neglect the most when thinking about Xmas corporate gifts. It just seems to elude us but the truth is that they are very important. 

Who can you give this kind of bag? A client that travels very often would need one. Before you hand the bag out, monogram your logo on it. The three best materials for a toiletry bag are waterproof, canvas, or leather.

Xmas corporate gifts

  • A water bottle

This is one of the branded Xmas gifts that doesn’t go out of fashion and is useful every day of our lives. When you are going for a walk or a jog, you need to keep yourself hydrated.

This is exactly how your clients feel and why they will appreciate a water bottle. You can be sure that they wouldn’t throw the bottle away. All you need to do is to make sure that the water bottle is of premium quality.

Xmas corporate gifts

  • Charity donation

You probably never thought of this, most people never do but it works like magic. The truth is that you don’t necessarily have to give out material gifts every time. 

On behalf of your clients, you can make a sizeable donation to a charity. If it is possible, find out what charity they are passionate about. After the donation, send an email to your client stating how much you donated and what it will be used for.request quote from zigpac

You will be shocked by their reaction to your initiative. This sort of corporate gift shows that your organization has values and is sensitive to the needs of others.


We could go on and on about Christmas corporate gifts. Send out Xmas corporate gifts this season to all your clients as a way of appreciating their patronage. Branded Xmas gifts do a lot on behalf of your company in terms of promotions. If you have any demand for Christmas corporate gifts, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.