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    • 1. What does your company specialize in?

Our company is primarily engaged in custom printing services, with a focus on various types of stickers, followed by customized paper bags and boxes. We are also open to handling other custom printing projects. For detailed information about our sticker varieties, please visit our product category page at https://www.zigpac.com/custom-stickers-labels-decals.html. You can find different types of stickers listed on the left side of the page, and detailed descriptions at the top of the right side of the page. The the way to paper bags and boxes.

  • 2. Do all your products require customization, or do you also stock ready-to-ship items?

  • We offer both custom-made and ready-to-ship products. If a product page displays an 'Add to Cart' button, it means the item is in stock and available for immediate purchase. If there's only an 'Inquire' button, a custom quote will be provided based on your specific requirements.

    • 3. What information do I need to provide for custom products, and what is the process?

For custom orders, you'll need to provide several details:

      1. Product Material: Specify the type and thickness of paper for bags and boxes, or the type of sticker.
      2. Specifications: Include product dimensions and quantity.
      3. Printing Details: If you don't have a design, mention whether it's single or multicolored printing.
      4. Lamination and Special Surface Treatments: If applicable, describe your requirements.
      5. Packaging Needs: If you have specific packaging requests.

Once we receive these details, we'll provide a quote. If you accept the quote, the following steps will occur:

      1. Payment Terms: We'll discuss the down payment (typically 30% or 100%), with options like PayPal, any cryptocurrency, credit card, Moneygram, or bank transfer.
      2. Production Timeline and Shipping Methods: We'll agree on the production time and whether to use sea freight, air freight, or courier services.
      3. Proforma Invoice: We'll send this to confirm the contract.
      4. Start of Production: Upon receiving your payment proof, we begin manufacturing. We usually provide a digital mock-up or real sample photos for approval. Note that some samples, especially those requiring expensive molds, might incur additional charges.
      5. Final Confirmation: After production, we'll send photos of the bulk order for your final approval. The order will be shipped after the final payment is settled.

We'll provide tracking information upon shipment. If you have any queries upon receiving the goods, feel free to contact us for a satisfactory solution.

    • 4. What should I consider when purchasing in-stock items?

    • Purchasing our in-stock items is straightforward. You can typically make the payment online immediately. If you're ordering in bulk, it's a good idea to contact us beforehand to see if a better price can be offered.

    • 5. What is the usual lead time for custom orders?

    • The lead time for custom products depends on the type of product, the quantity ordered, and our current order schedule. For instance, stickers typically have a lead time of 7-10 days, while paper bags and boxes usually take about 10-20 days. Larger quantities might require more time, whereas smaller orders could be completed faster. However, for items like paper bags and boxes, the lead time might not reduce significantly for small quantities due to the nature of the production process.

    • 6. How should I prepare my design files for printing? What format and specifications should I follow?

    • For printing-ready design files, please make sure to follow our specific guidelines. Detailed instructions on file formats and design specifications can be found at https://www.zigpac.com/artwork. We typically require certain file types, resolutions, color modes, etc., to ensure the print quality meets our standards.

    • 7. What payment methods do you accept?

    • We accept a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, any form of cryptocurrency, Moneygram, credit cards, and bank transfers. For more detailed information and guidelines on payment, please refer to our documentation at https://www.zigpac.com/payment-questions.

    • 8. What solutions do you offer if there are quality issues with the products?

    • For quality issues with ready-to-ship products, please refer to our detailed return and exchange policy at https://www.zigpac.com/returns-and-exchanges. In the case of custom products, common issues like incorrect printing, significant color discrepancies, or damage during shipping are usually resolved by remaking and reshipping the product to the customer. If the issue does not significantly impact the use or sale of the product, we may also opt to refund a portion of the payment. Given that remaking and shipping can take time, we sometimes offer discounts on future orders. It's important to note that such quality issues are rare, as we maintain strict quality control standards.

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