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  1. How to Make and Use Hologram Stickers

    If you are an owner of a company and are finding ways to promote the quality of your brand then you should get some hologram stickers for your product. A 3D hologram sticker is attached on the product that you want to promote. You can get custom hologram stickers made as well.

    What is a hologram sticker?

    Hologram stickers are pieces of vinyl that have been altered with different kinds of 3D effects that would seem to attract a lot of customers. An adhesive is attached on the back of hologram stickers due to which they can remain on a surface to which they are attached.

    Companies usually get the quality of their product printed on custom hologram stickers which state certain messages such as showing that their product is 100% original or that a product is waterproof and various other kinds of properties of a product that would seem to get the attention of various customers. Some companies also get custom hologram stickers made for attaching on certain types of

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  2. All Things You Should Know About Epoxy Stickers

    Epoxy labels are also known as 3D stickers in the market. Some types of Epoxy stickers have adhesive glue applied on their backs so that they can firmly stick to any surface on which they are to be attached. Epoxy logo stickers can be attached to various types of surfaces such as tiffin boxes, lockers, books, walls, windows or windshields of vehicles, etc. You can get epoxy logo stickers for your company that has been made according to your preference. You can get a different kind of 3d effect added to your epoxy label if you place an order of a large quantities to the manufacturing company.

    How to Make an Epoxy Sticker?

    Epoxy stickers are made from various kinds of materials such as plastic, printed papers (colored or black and white), and vinyl or on any other kind of material on whose one side an adhesive can be put on so that it strongly sticks to the surface on which you want to attach the epoxy sticker.

    Epoxy labels come in various types of sizes and shapes

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