Easy Green Alternatives to Wasteful Gift Wrap

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The need to save our environment has led to lots of research. Green gift wrap (know more) is one of the alternatives we have to wrap gifts these days. As you prepare for Christmas, we advise that you adopt a Christmas gift wrap that is recyclable. In this post, we will share with you a few gift pack...

What Quality Wine Packaging Boxes Should Have

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It is almost impossible to document the story and heritage of a wine maker. The most effective way to get the heritage and story of any wine out there is creating exceptional new wine packaging design. Both the wine packaging boxes (know more) and bottle designs must blend with heritage and wine pac...

Shipping Fragile items Securely With Packaging Boxes

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Any business owner, especially those in e-commerce, will tell you that shipping isn’t fun. Packaging fragile items is even more difficult which is why you need the best packing materials for fragile items. There are several boxes for shipping fragile itfems. However, you need to find the best courie...

Effective Use of Packaging Boxes

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Carton packaging has been in use for over one hundred years and it is showing no signs of extinction.  No wonder business owners are constantly looking for the best box packaging. There are different types of packaging boxes, each one with a specific use. These boxes (know more) come with different ...

Benefits of Using Counter Display Boxes

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Many business owners and retail stores, including supermarkets, seek how best to display products (know more) to attract the attention of customers. One of the best ways to attract customer attention is by using counter display boxes. With custom counter display, you are able to subtly persua...

Making Gift Packaging Boxes Stand out This Holiday

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Year in and year out, you end up at this same crossroads at this time of the year- the holidays and Christmas. An avalanche of potential customers, agitation as a result of the speed of work and the big query- how to get your gift packaging boxes (know more) to stand out amongst the competiti...

What to Look for in a Meal Prep Container

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Some years ago, it was difficult to store food properly because of the lack of meal prep containers. A disposable food pack makes it easier to store food and prepare food as well. To eat healthily, it is great to store food in plastic food takeaway packs. So many ask what they should look for...

Packaging Box Design: Questions To Answer Before Getting One

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The packaging is very important to every area of our lives, especially if you are a business owner. You need to be careful with your packaging box design else you could face a lot of issues with customers. There are certain factors you must set in place before picking the design for your company pa...

Making Your Brand Stand Out

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You are probably wondering how the gift boxes wholesale you discovered could help your business. The truth is you can achieve a lot with these cardboard gift boxes. All you need to do is make them stand out. It will be a waste ordering gift packing box online without using them right. In this post, ...

How to Market With Gift Boxes for Clients

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It is safe to say that gift box advertising is a resurrection of an old practice. Remember seeing your grand mum’s old wooden box  (know more) that played home to lots of items? Well, these promotional gift boxes ideas are back and they are taking the business world by storm. These boxes come with a...

Product Packaging Design to Improve Brand Awareness

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A lot of things go into the creation of a brand name. Therefore, businesses can no longer get away with substandard products and their product package branding (know more). As a result, more companies are becoming conscious of their product packaging design. To improve brand awareness with packaging...

Best ECommerce Packaging: How to Boost Customer Patronage

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The ultimate goal of an online business is making money. Every type of business strives for the best eCommerce packaging or gift box ideas  (know more) for income increase and boost customer patronage. However, in eCommerce, the goal slightly shifts from just making money. The goal is to incr...

Box Packaging Material to Inspire Your Next Product Marketing


The packaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing, which is why most businesses like yours take box packaging material types seriously. Cast your mind back to how you feel when you see an iPhone pack, you couldn’t help stopping for a moment right? That is what good but not big cardboar...

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA: The Ultimate 2019 Guide

shipping from China

As a manufacturer, once you are done producing, the next thing to worry about is shipping from China to the Amazon FBA storehouses. Questions like “cheapest method of shipping,” “how to ship from China” and “how to clear customs” also come up. In this article, we take an in-depth look at all ...

10 Shipping & Packaging Tips

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While many of us don’t take much consideration with the packing and shipping supplies wholesale we give away for business purposes, it is one important aspect every business owner should think about. From custom product packaging to how much you spend on shipping, we want to give you our top 10 reco...