Are you considering the idea of using custom puffy stickers for your next marketing campaign? Then you are making one of the best marketing decisions ever. These stickers are pretty cute and they come in different shapes and sizes. Let’s not forget the fact that they bring out the “child” hidden in most adults.

In this post, we will explain what puffy stickers are and how to make yours at home. We will also show you the benefits of using 3D puffy stickers for marketing campaigns. Grab a seat and let’s get started.

Explaining Puffy Stickers

Just as their name implies, puffy stickers are stickers with a raised surface such that they have a 3D appearance. Why call them puffy? It is because the side carrying the sticker design is raised slightly like a regular “puff.” These stickers are quite soft to the touch and very appealing.

Children love to gather these stickers especially when they find their favorite characters. One of the major advantages of these stickers is that they are reusable. Asides from this, you can place these stickers on almost any surface. From clothes to cars, refrigerators to tables, and even in sticker albums.

How to Create DIY Puffy Stickers

Creating kawaii puffy stickers isn’t so difficult. You can either create yours using the factory process or the simpler DIY method. We will describe both here.

Factory method

Usually, these stickers come in two layers. There is the top part that carries the print and the foam underneath to make the stickers puffy. The foam part is sticky to make it easy for you to place the sticker anywhere you like. You have to purchase sheets of foam and cut them into different shapes and sizes using a die-cut machine.

After cutting the foam, you transfer the print to the upper part of the PVC on the foam. You can make use of different materials for your print side. From matte to glossy, you can even make use of a glittery material if you want.

You can transfer the print ink using a printing machine or through a process called silk screening. By so doing, you will come up with attractive designs for a variety of audiences and uses. When you are done with printing, it is time to emboss the raised decals. You do this using heat to create the 3D effect. The next stage is cutting the stickers and packaging them.

DIY method

What if you can’t access everything that you need for the factory method or you don’t need so many stickers? You can still make cute puffy stickers at home. Here’s what you need:

  • Pencil
  • Acrylic paint
  • White glue
  • Parchment paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paintbrushes (extra fine and thin brushes)

Take these steps to create DIY 3D puffy stickers:

Step 1: Use your pencil to create outlines of the stickers on the parchment paper.

Step 2: Heat the hot glue gun and fill within the drawn outlines with some hot glue.

Step 3: Allow the glue to dry, it takes just a few minutes. You can touch the surface carefully to check if it is cool and then you can continue.

Step 4: Paint the surface of the glue with the base colors you need for your stickers. To make the stickers have a smooth surface, you can add very little water to your acrylic paint.

Step 5: Use another brush to add details to your sticker surfaces. These details include lines, shading, eyes, etc.

Step 6: Your stickers are ready. Before you place them, add a little white glue behind then attach it to any surface you like. Instead of white glue, you can make use of double-sided sticky tape.

Benefits of using Custom Puffy Stickers for Marketing Campaigns

Puffy stickers have been around for a long time. However, they are becoming a powerful marketing sensation. In this section, we will show you a few benefits of using these stickers for marketing campaigns.

Attracts the attention of customers and prospects

These stickers are pretty attractive. From their bright colors to the 3D illusion that they create. Everything about custom puffy stickers just seems to pop.

Since they are very visible, they attract attention regardless of where you place them. What this implies is that whether you place them behind a car, on a phone case, or clothes, they’ll still draw attention. Their power to attract makes them potent advertising tools.


It doesn’t matter the size of your business, you must stick to a budget when running marketing campaigns. If you are on a tight budget, then you must seek out cost-effective ways to run promotions. One such affordable method is using kawaii puffy stickers.

These stickers are very affordable. In fact, they are cheaper when you purchase them in bulk. It even gets better when you take some time to make them by yourself.


These stickers weigh next to nothing. Being so portable, you don’t spend so much on shipping them. As such, they are great for travel or being sent as parcels to customers. Simply add them to your packages and send them at no extra cost.


This is one of the biggest benefits of using cute puffy stickers. They can pass just about any message. Asides from passing all kinds of messages, they stick to different surfaces and still look cool. What this implies is that your brand message will be in the faces of your customers regardless of their interests.

Environmental friendliness

Finally, we produce puffy stickers using materials that are friendly to the environment. These stickers are reusable so they don’t cause harm to the environment. It is no secret that there is much interest in preserving our environment. What better way to show prospects and customers that you are playing your part than by using these stickers?

Wrap up

We understand that printing custom puffy stickers might seem farfetched for you. The good news is that you don’t have to do it by yourself. Visit Zigpac and place an order to get yours delivered in the shortest possible time.