Plastic bags

  1. Repurposing Dog/Pet Food Bag To Protect the Earth

    Repurposing Dog/Pet Food Bag To Protect the Earth

    Ever heard of repurposed feed bags? If you have dogs, cats, or other pets, you would have a lot of feed bags lying around. Rather than throw away those bags (know more) or use them for trash only, you can begin a feed bag project.

    How do we mean? There are several ways to recycle food bags without spending excessively. In this post, we will show you a few repurposing ideas for pet food bags.

    Food bag repurposing ideas

    By the time each month ends, you must have a couple of pet food bags. The number will depend on how many pets you have

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  2. Perfect Plastic Bag's Designing for Your Business

    Perfect Plastic Bag's Designing for Your Business

    When you design the perfect plastic bag, there are so many advantages it brings to your business. There is so much you can achieve for your business with a business plastic bag.

    The question many businesses seek to answer is how do you design plastic bag? In this post, we will look at this and several other important pieces of information about plastic bags (know more).

    Importance of plastic bags

    Before we discuss factors to consider when designing the perfect plastic bag, let’s see how i

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  3. Making a Shopping Bag from Plastic Bags

    Making a Shopping Bag from Plastic Bags

    A plastic shopping bag is a great companion when visiting the grocery store or going on a shopping spree. Sometimes, you lose interest in your plastic bag (know more) and need a new touch which is why people dump their reusable DIY bags.

    Instead of dumping yours, you can make a DIY shopping bag. We will show you how to make a reusable shopping bag and the importance of these branding plastic bags in this post.

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  4. What Can Branding Plastic Bags Achieve?

    What Can Branding Plastic Bags Achieve?

    Customers will always require a plastic bag (know more) regardless of what you are selling. This is one of the reasons why branding/ printing plastic bags is important. If only you knew how much these plastic carrier bags could achieve for your business.

    Their importance cannot be overemphasized as they bring a lot to the table. In this post, we look at plastic bag printing and its advantages to your business.

    The importance of branding plastic bags

    For over five decades, plastic bags have been

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  5. Branded Carrier Bags and Brand Building for Businesses

    Branded Carrier Bags and Brand Building for Businesses

    This may seem a bit strange to you but custom printed plastic carrier bags (know more) are potent instruments for building brands. Once you have your carrier bags branded, there’s so much they can achieve with respect to the public. 

    In this post, we will take a look at how you can use custom printed plastic bags to build your sustainable branding.

    The efficiency of branded carrier plastic bags

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  6. Cheap Plastic Bags and Growing Your Business

    Cheap Plastic Bags and Growing Your Business

    Many businesses, especially the small and medium scale businesses, neglect cheap custom plastic zip bags. If only they knew how potent these bags are to growing a business.

    These cheap plastic bags (know more) come with so many advantages we could write a book on that. In this post, we will consider how you can use custom plastic zip bags to grow your business.

    Benefits of cheap plastic bags to your business

    Custom plastic bags are very potent marketing tools if you know how to harness them properly. Since you can personalize them for your business, you can achieve a lot with these bags.

    The fact that your business logo and other relevant information is on these bags makes them a key to advertising. This way you can stand out in a very competitive business environment.

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  7. All About Plastic Bags

    All About Plastic Bags

    When you buy things at a grocery store, you are asked to choose between paper and plastic grocery bags (know more). This is a regular occurrence at the counter and most people tend to prefer wholesale reusable plastic bags.

    This is because these wholesale plastic bags come with several advantages, one of these is versatility. We will be looking at a few uses of these bags but first, their advantages.

    Advantages of wholesale plastic bags

    Even though we know that paper bags are eco-friendly, we still prefer to use plastic grocery bags. Not because we don’t love our environment, but because they have a lot of advantages. Both the retailer and the customer will choose these bags any day and the question is why?

    Let’s check out a few reasons below.

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  8. Sustainable Branding & Keeping the Environment Safe

    Sustainable Branding & Keeping the Environment Safe

    Branding your products is a way of communicating several important details about your business. This is why you need to seek great green branding examples. The world is experiencing a green revolution and you have to show that your business is in support. How important are sustainable branding & eco-friendly products? We will discuss this and more in this post.

    Sustainable Product Branding

    Before we discuss the importance of branding using eco-friendly products and examples, let’s discuss product branding. It is a marketing strategy and it involves promoting a product or service offered by a business.

    Even though corporate branding is a marketing strategy as well, it is quite different from product br

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  9. Distributing Your Custom Plastic Bags

    Distributing Your Custom Plastic Bags

    The importance of custom plastic bags cannot be overemphasized. It has never been a question of how effective these plastic grocery bags (know more) are. Rather, what everyone wants to know is how to distribute these wholesale bulk bags.

    In this post, we will take a look at how you can distribute your bags to create the most impressions.

    How to distribute your custom plastic bags

    You spend quite an amount of money in producing these bags. While many people think you should sell them so you can make money, others feel you should give them out. Take a few seconds to think about this if you haven’t before now.

    Would you rather sell or give out your custom p

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  10. How to Create the Perfect Brand Bag

    How to Create the Perfect Brand Bag

    As an entrepreneur, one of the things always on your mind is selling your brand. One way to achieve this is by using an attractive plastic bag design. These bags (know more) are very important to our everyday lives.  You might not know it yet but great shopping poly bag design ideas will help sell your brand.

    Why you should use plastic bag designs to promote your businessrequest quote from zigpac

    It is almost impossible to go through a day without using or seeing a plastic bag. They are always in our faces. It means with the perfect shopping bag design ideas, you can be in the face of prospects.


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