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  1. Designing a Fridge Calendar

    Designing a Fridge Calendar

    There are a lot of things with different levels of importance you can place on the door of your fridge. Firstly, one of the most useful of these is the dry erase monthly magnetic fridge calendar in 2019. This calendar offers a lot of uses to different families and is almost indispensable to the proper running of households.

    These fridge calendars (know more) can be used to mark out household chores, plan summer holidays, set project goals, and plan meals. Also, they keep you very organized and help you to never forget to run those errands or weekly lists again. More so, they can be sold or given out as gifts or promotional items to family,

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  2. How to Re-purpose Old Calendars

    How to Re-purpose Old Calendars

    You must have had that wall and desk calendar (know more) that is outdated for a while now. Rather than leave it hanging, using up valuable space, or thrown away, that cute printable wall calendar can be recycled.

    There are several ways you can recycle that calendar printable. We will discuss a few in this post.

    How to recycle that old wall and desk calendar

    Once the year is over, most people would rather dispose of their calendar because nothing else comes to mind. This is not strange at all, yet that old calendar can be very useful. There are so many things you can do with that outdated cute wall calendar.request quote from zigpac

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