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  1. Phone Case Stickers: Your Custom Phone Case Assistants

    You might see a kind of phone case with a special, personalized style that not brought from any phone case shop but made by yourself. It is time to make your own phone case! For this reason, today we post this article to introduce how to make a cute phone case with paper.

    To create your own custom phone case, a phone case sticker is necessary. Which types of stickers you used directly decide what is the style of your custom phone case.

    There are two custom phone case solutions for you to consider.

    Customizing Your Phone Case with A Theme of Stickers:

    Every beautiful design must have its special style, so does the phone case. Choosing your favorite phone case theme is crucial to create a comfortable and personalized phone case. Every theme should involve 3 aspects:

    Color Tone:

    It is the first thing you decided about your phone case design because it decides the background color you select, and which kind of phone case

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  2. Top 7 Thank You Sticker Design 2021

    There must be a situation that you invite lots of friends for your party and have no time to write thank you individually on their invitations. You need a roll of Thank You Sticker!

    With a beautiful, elegant, and personalized look, the thank you sticker has a large value in the sticker market and vast application. Today, we summarized the commonest and most useful 10 types of thank you sticker design in 2021.


    Most thank you stickers show thanks for guests’ coming, so does birthday thank you stickers. People usually up this kind of thank you stickers on the end of the invitation to present their gratitude. And the different designs of the sticker represents the personality and attitude of the host. Therefore, custom birthday thank you stickers appeared and become popular.

    Birthday thank you sticker can be regarded as a kind of celebrating stickers, manufacturers made it by various materials and special d

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  3. Getting a Smart Mug with Temperature Display

    Technology has blessed us with several gadgets that help to push out our emotions. One such item is a temperature display mug. A smart mug display(Know More) is very useful in a number of ways. There are quite a number of these gadgets on the market today.

    As a result, it can be quite difficult picking out the perfect one. In this post, we will show you what you should look out for when choosing a steel thermal bottle. This should be an interesting and expository read so let’s get to the crux of this article.

    Defining a smart mug

    Who would have thought t

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  4. Buying Sticker Packs for Better Advantages

    Buying Sticker Packs for Better Advantages

    With sticker bundles sales, you will be able to offset cost differences when you buy sticker bundles(know more). These were developed to sort out the challenges that come with buying online sticker packs.

    Sticker bundles can help you spend less on your publicity campaigns and improve your profits. In this post, we will show you why you should invest in sticker packs. online sticker packs


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  5. Best Packaging Vendor: How Working With One Helps You

    Best Packaging Vendor: How Working With One Helps You

    It can be difficult finding the best packaging vendor considering the number of packaging vendors available these days. To get the best from a custom packaging order, you must find the best hands on the market.custom packaging order

    How do you find the best custom packaging vendor for your business? This is the challenge this post intends to help you solve.

    Getting the Best from Your Packaging Vendor

    In reality, we can hardly label a packaging

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  6. DIY: How to Make a Custom Tote Bag

    DIY: How to Make a Custom Tote Bag

    Tote bags have become very important in everyday life. You can make a DIY custom tote bag in your home.

    All you need to do is find the perfect tote bag pattern and produce your own bag. You can get a design for a DIY tote online. In this post, we will show you how to make your own tote bag.

    How to Make Your DIY Custom Tote Bagrequest quote from zigpac

    In this section, we will provide you a series of steps to help you make your tote bag.

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  7. Different Types of Packaging Tape

    Different Types of Packaging Tape

    What Is A Packaging Tape?

    Packaging tape (know more) is also known as brown scotch packing tape is a tape used by most industries to close and seal boxes for shipment. It has a pressure-sensitive coating on its polyester or polypropylene backing.

    Packaging tapes differ from each other in so many ways. Although the brown or clear packaging tapes are more common, there are other options. Most of them are either two or three inches wide and are suitable for various applications.

    Features of Packaging Tapes

    There are certain features your packaging tape should have. These features make up a good packing tape: They are:

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  8. Practical Use for Small Books

    Practical Use for Small Books

    Books come with several advantages if you can milk them. This is why mini book printing (know more) has become so popular. 

    What does small book printing entail? This is a very important question to answer. More than this is the question of how to use mini notebooks. We will provide you answers to these in this post. 

    What does printing small books entail?

    Not all projects need big books. For some projects, you need to engage in mini book printing. These books are usually small in dimension. Asides small dimensions,

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  9. Easy Green Alternatives to Wasteful Gift Wrap

    Easy Green Alternatives to Wasteful Gift Wrap

    The need to save our environment has led to lots of research. Green gift wrap (know more) is one of the alternatives we have to wrap gifts these days.

    As you prepare for Christmas, we advise that you adopt a Christmas gift wrap that is recyclable. In this post, we will share with you a few gift packaging alternative options you can adopt. 

    green gift wrap

    Green alternatives for your gift packaging

    The green movement

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  10. What Quality Wine Packaging Boxes Should Have

    What Quality Wine Packaging Boxes Should Have

    It is almost impossible to document the story and heritage of a wine maker. The most effective way to get the heritage and story of any wine out there is creating exceptional new wine packaging design. Both the wine packaging boxes (know more) and bottle designs must blend with heritage and wine packaging trends for the product to be perceived as exceptional.

    Majority of the manufacturers of wine put so much attention and emphasis on ensuring that the label is gotten perfectly. The reason for this is because they know that what commands the attention and persuades shoppers is the label of the wine. They know that majority of their buyers are not wine experts, hence, the need for solid packaging to convince them.

    The most challenging

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