It is no longer a secret that the market is filled with lots of cookies vape carts. Several people have fallen victim to these items and suffered sickness or even died from using these cartridges. The problem is that they look legitimate, however, they are fake and contaminated.

You will find these CBD carts for sale online and they are usually cheaper than the original ones. The best way to protect yourself from purchasing a fake cookies vape cartridge is to know how to identify one. We will show you how in this post.

Identifying Fake Cookies Vape Cartridge

How do you know a cookies runtz cartridge is fake? There are a few factors to check to help you differentiate a real one from a fake. Check some of them out below:

The license

When you purchase CBD carts from unlicensed dispensaries, they are likely to be contaminated or faulty. One thing that you must know is that additives that seem harmless can cause dire consequences. They become toxic when you combine them with other ingredients or heat them.

A licensed dispensary passes all its products through the required safety tests. For this reason, we advise that you don’t purchase CBD vape carts illegally. If you have to purchase one online, ensure that you purchase from a licensed dispensary.

Check the packaging for the license number. This number shows that the product is tested, legal, and safe. If you purchase any CBD cartridge without this number, throw it out immediately.

Fake packaging

Every CBD vape cartridge package must carry certain pieces of information. The information proves the authenticity of the product. Some of these pieces of information include:

  • Lot number
  • Manufacturing date
  • Batch number
  • Package date

You should also check the package for the “packaging icon.” The State requires that this icon must be printed on the package. Another piece of information that helps to verify the authenticity of a vape cartridge is a QR code. If you see one on the package, use it to further check the product for authenticity.

QR codes help you gather other pieces of information like product serial number. Compare the serial number on the website to the one on the product package. If there are any disparities, we suggest that you ditch the product immediately.


A fake cookies vape cartridge usually comes with certain ingredients that aren’t investigated or deemed fit for consumption. One such ingredient is a thickener known as vitamin E acetate. Most times, you will find this ingredient in fake cookies CBD carts. The reason is that it is cheaper to find and produce, however, it causes sickness and death to many consumers.

Many times, these cartridges contain ingredients that are fake and harmful to the consumer. If you are not sure, reach out to companies that employ third-party companies to conduct independent testing. Find out where the testing occurs as it should be at an FDA-licensed facility.

Other Red Flags to Watch out for

So far, we have shown you some factors to consider before purchasing a cookies vape cartridge. Many times, you just need some experience or common sense to identify counterfeit cartridges. We must advise that you trust your instincts when making a purchase. If you feel like something isn’t right, it is better to not make the purchase.

There are a few other red flags that you should watch out for when purchasing a cookies runtz cartridge. Some of them include:

  • Check for the lab results including tests for heavy metals and pesticides. Counterfeits mostly contain heavy metals or pesticides that cause life-threatening or debilitating health issues. Once the lab tests don’t reveal results for these tests, something is shady and it isn’t safe for use.
  • If the cartridge contains vitamin E acetate, Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, or Polyethylene glycol, it isn’t safe. These ingredients are approved by the FDA for human consumption but in a different way. They are not safe for inhalation so they are dangerous to human health if consumed in a vape cartridge.
  • The ingredients mentioned above are very common in the CBD vape cartridge black market. Again, if you notice them on a product you want to purchase, ditch the product immediately.
  • If the cartridge has a strange burnt flavor or metal aftertaste, then it is fake. Once it makes you cringe, don’t purchase it. A vape cartridge shouldn’t have these off-flavors as they are signs of additives or contaminants that shouldn’t be part of the mix.
  • Be wary of cheap products because cookies CBD carts aren’t exactly cheap. Once you feel like the price is too good to be true, then it likely is. It is not like you have to break the bank to purchase a vape cartridge, however, being too cheap isn’t good.
  • Check the package design. Packaging from legit companies is usually simple, easy to read, and uncluttered. Once you notice that the package has lots of popular cartoon superheroes or characters, it is likely a counterfeit.

Staying Safe from Fake Cookies Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges are an amazing innovation. They allow a cannabis user to enjoy their favorite herb with a portable yet powerful discrete device. Many people even argue that using them is safer than directly smoking cannabis. This is because they lack the carcinogens, smoke, and tar that come with combustion.

We have shown you factors to consider when buying a cookies vape cartridge in this post. along with these, we have revealed a few red flags to consider as well. The best way to find legit CBD carts for sale is to find a licensed company. If you want to purchase your carts online, you can click here. Remember that using a fake cartridge is dangerous to your health so purchase from a licensed company.