You might see a kind of phone case with a special, personalized style that not brought from any phone case shop but made by yourself. It is time to make your own phone case! For this reason, today we post this article to introduce how to make a cute phone case with paper.

To create your own custom phone case, a phone case sticker is necessary. Which types of stickers you used directly decide what is the style of your custom phone case.

There are two custom phone case solutions for you to consider.

Customizing Your Phone Case with A Theme of Stickers:

Every beautiful design must have its special style, so does the phone case. Choosing your favorite phone case theme is crucial to create a comfortable and personalized phone case. Every theme should involve 3 aspects:

Color Tone:

It is the first thing you decided about your phone case design because it decides the background color you select, and which kind of phone case

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