Decorating Your Home With Tile Stickers

It is an established fact that buying and fixing a new tile (know more) can really be costly that's why most people opt for sticker decor. Going through so much rigor for a refurbished look can be disheartening especially when it for a short term purpose and you know changing accommodation in a bit is inevitable. request quote from zigpac

Nevertheless, getting a desired reformed feel without parting with so much is attainable. Refurbishing anywhere is made easy using a tile sticker. 

There is little to no difference between original tiles and tile stickers decor when checking out its appearance and the ability to clue. It can also be referred to as tile decals or peel and stick tiles. Tile decals don’t need special sustenance, enclosure, and process of removing dirt that is always associated with original tiles. Getting it cleaned is easy with a soft cleaning agent which keeps them attractive without a scratch.


Home tile stickers decor does not necessarily need an expert to be fixed, this can be done by you because of its sticky nature which in turn keeps you from parting with your money.

Expertise or talents are not required but you being calm and also be able to spare some time. request quote from zigpac

Simple home utensils such as scissors and everyday knife can be used to trim tile stickers decor around bends and edges. In this case, online tile stickers will require a tile saw to trim these edges.

It is always advisable to buy more home tile decals than required quantity putting into consideration the 

human factors whereby error can occur during cutting or better still excess can be kept for future use such as using it to cover worn-out stickers.

Obviously online tile stickers can be fixed on expired tiles or over spotless surfaces. Most producer Manual for their products, It will be a smart idea to check out the mode of usage from being the Manual to get enlightened about the surface it can be applied to. Every decision comes with a cost, you not adhering to instructions provided by the producer gets extra cash from you in buying spray clue to secure your home tile decals on whatever surface you are working with. 

Being easily fixable is not just the advantage you get from peel and stick but that you can remove and place it back if necessary, in that you are able to achieve a perfect alignment. More importantly, another key point to note is the fact that detaching it from any surface is easy which can be a major source of concern to the tenant not wanting to cause a mishap to the building or surface.

Due to its adhesive nature, if fixed on an afore painted wall, at the point of detaching it can cause damage by peeling off a bit of the paint. 

tile decals decor

Best Places to Use Them

Online tile stickers are mostly installed on the walls but it does not negate the fact that the supporting surface of a room is a good recipient of them.

The build-up elements used for producing home tile decals to be used on a wall can be quite different from those used on the supporting surface of a room. Thee thickness might differ based on where you are using it for. But products that can serve the same purpose too do exist. Getting detailed information about the product before initiating the purchase might be a major waste averted. request quote from zigpac

  • Walls


Conventional walls are awesome picks for the tile stickers with little to no attention is being paid to the vicinity. Bringing forth an impeccable character on the wall or giving a part of the house a facelift including the restroom. Despite being made as water-resistant, online tile stickers are not advised to be installed on bathroom walls reason being that continuous water contact with it will weaken the clinging element at the back of the tile sticker.

tile decals decor

  • Backsplashes

These are surfaces over the shelf and beneath the cupboards in the kitchen or bathrooms. The significance of a thing is not based on the size and therefore unique stickers are produced for this purpose of covering this described space. 

Combating bacteria, mold, and warding off humid and heat areas are of paramount interest that materials that can fight the aforementioned are sourced for the production of the backsplash.

Top Sticker Concepts

Having been enlightened about places you can use online tile stickers, you can use this basic knowledge to achieve your desired result.request quote from zigpac


  • Covering up unsightly tiles


Losing interest in a thing is one of the major things that happen over a period of time, tile stickers decor are is a beautiful way to hid those tiles you have lost interest in which are either stuck to the wall or thinking it’s a waste of time and resources to remove them. You will be shocked at what a few tile stickers can do especially using it in a sparing manner to get a required result.

tile decals decor

  • Upgrade your style and always stay current


In certain ancient houses, their tile fixing tends to archaic features, build-up elements, and fashion. What is needed to make a twist to this or blend into the trending pattern is to inculcate a little of the updated trends? This process can be repeated over time as things changes or unfold.request quote from zigpac


  • Exotic designs and patterns 


Exploring new things is one of the thrillers for human beings without having to have the feeling of being stuck in a particular fashion for a long period. A replica of Mexican tile is one to consider when trying to have a feel of the beauty that comes with color while Moroccan tiles give you the same effect when fixed on the floor just as if it is on the wall.

The stress of installing tiles with the financial implications attached to it,  also considering the disadvantage of not being able to trend with what the present time style has to offer. Home tile decals are considered a better and cheaper means of staying trendy with little to no stress at all. At the same time not having to spend additional money. If you have any demand for custom tile stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.