Do Big Wall Stickers Damage Walls?

Wall sticker damage is one of the reasons most people are afraid of using wall stickers (know more). The fear is that will there be wall sticker peel off when you take out a sticker you are tired of?request quote from zigpac

In this post, we will address this issue so you can overcome your phobia and begin to use wall stickers.

Do wall stickers damage walls?

Can a cooking knife cut your finger? Can you get injured from riding a bike? All of these are possible if you don’t do things right. 

The same goes for wall stickers, stick-on, or wall decals. There are specific instructions that guide fixing and removing wall stickers. If you refuse to follow these instructions, wall sticker damage is imminent.

The first step to avoiding wall sticker peel off is to freshly paint your walls before applying the stickers. If you are not painting, then you should de-grease the walls. 

On the other hand, you should make use of a heat gun or hairdryer when removing the wall stickers. This will ensure that the glue releases neatly from your walls. This makes it easy to use wall stickers without a bother.

wall sticker damage

Are wall stickers reusable?

Many people have asked and will keep asking this particular question. As much as we love our wall decals, there is only one short and straightforward answer to this, NO. This answer is affirmative for wall decals that are adhesive in nature.

Of course, you must have heard of the offset-printed decals that you can use for commercial purposes. Most of these ones don’t make use of adhesives. For this reason, they are reusable. However, they are not popular with consumers because they aren’t readily available. request quote from zigpac

Are wall stickers safe?

Okay, this is one interesting question many people ask and it makes one wonder. Firstly, there haven’t been any stories about wall stickers attacking their owners. Except maybe in a horror movie.

However, if you mean to ask if they are safe for the walls in your home, we will address this now. 

No modern building that is airtight exists based on modern architecture. Studies show that every building that we have these days, needs a maximum of 7 minutes to recycle air. This means that all of the old air is expelled and new air comes in within a maximum of 7 minutes. As a matter of fact, it was a lot faster in older homes. 

The implication of this air exchange is that your home gets a taste of whatever the air in your environment contains. From oils to moisture to exhaust fumes from cars and the aroma of barbecue, everything passes through your home. 

Does this cause wall sticker damage? How does this lead to wall sticker peel off? It is simple and very logical when you think about it. As this air enters your home, it touches everything and some of the contents remain on the walls. 

If you stick wall decals on the same walls without de-greasing or repainting them, the damage will occur. Firstly, your stickers will not hold properly. Because of this, they will also not release easily when you are ready to get them off your walls. 

We advise that before you use wall stickers, paint the wall a maximum of 30 days before the project. The same goes for de-greasing the walls. We have already told you above how to remove wall stickers using heat guns and hair dryers.

wall sticker damage

A few things to know about wall stickers

How much do you know about wall decals already? What else do you want to know? Firstly, you know that they are used to beautify walls. Isn’t this obvious?

People stick the decals to walls to make them more beautiful. Stickers are also an important tool used in advertising. You will see lots of stickers when you visit commercial venues such as retail stores, temporary walkways, and malls.request quote from zigpac

Here are a few facts you should know about wall stickers.

Ease of application

One of the reasons why people use wall stickers is that their application is very easy. It is even easier when you have a companion to help with the installation process. 

There is so much you can do with stickers while applying them. If you are a lover of large murals, then wall stickers will interest you a lot. This is because you don’t have to paint your murals anymore, simply make use of wall stickers. 

To ensure that the installation process is easier, do your paneling vertically.

wall sticker damage

Easy removal

The same way they are easy to install, they are also easy to take off. You don’t have to be scared of wall sticker damage or wall sticker peel off. If you follow the instructions, your wall will remain immaculate. We have already described how to do this earlier in this post.

Why shouldn’t you install wall stickers on a freshly painted wall?request quote from zigpac

After painting, it takes a while for the wall to be totally dry. Though when you feel it, it seems dry to touch, the reality is that it is only surface dry. Beneath the surface, it is actually wet and it requires almost a month to get dry depending on the paint.

Applying the stickers before the wall is completely dry is not advisable. This is because the adhesive on the stickers is likely to create a bond with the wet paint beyond the dry surface. By the time the paint is completely dry, this bond is solidified.

It might not seem so much of a problem until it is time to take out the stickers. Due to the bond created, it becomes difficult to remove the decals. As you press further, you experience wall sticker peel off.

The problem is not with the stickers, it is actually a result of the bond created with the wet paint. In some cases, the stickers may even fall off a newly painted wall. This is because of excessive moisture preventing the adhesive from gripping the wall properly. 

wall sticker damage

Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

By now you know that you can use wall stickers without having the problem of wall sticker damage. It all lies in following the instructions that come with each pack of wall stickers. If you have any demand for custom wall stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.