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FAQs About Cotton Candy Bags

Cotton candy (know more) also called fairy floss, spun sugar or spider webs comprise of sugar confectionery that is light and fluffy. Also, it looks like cotton wool and is popular at amusement parks, carnivals, and birthday parties in individual bags of cotton candy. Moreover, its fibrous texture makes it unique and it is available in different flavors including banana, bubble gum, chocolate, and vanilla in cotton candy bags bulk.request quote from zigpac

Therefore, the cotton candy needs packaging in a way that will allow guests to enjoy it at whatever time they find convenient.

Cotton candy bags serve as a means of nice packaging the cotton candy to make them more appealing at parties and events. This sugary treat that has different shelf lives, depending on how it is packaged. Zigpac offers a large selection of bags you can package your cotton candy in for sale at very affordable prices.

How Long Does Cotton Candy Last In a Bag

Technically, on its own, this delicious treat has enough sugar content to keep it from going bad for years. So, its shelf life largely depends on how thick and well-sealed the bag it is packaged in is. Other factors that determine how long they last include humidity, vibration and room temperature.

Cotton candy lasts for five to ten weeks in a plastic container that has a tightly-sealed lid. Meanwhile, in a standard plastic bag, it lasts between three days and three weeks if left unopened. Same cotton candy lasts for about ten to twenty minutes when left in the open air.request quote from zigpac

Here is a summary of how long cotton candy can last in different bags:

Standard plastic bags

  • Shelf life: When your individual cotton candy comes in a standard plastic bag, it should last for between two and three weeks unopened. This is because it is likely that the bag is very thick and has an airtight seal. However, this bag is not resealable so your cotton candy will begin to shrink a few hours after it is opened.
  • DIY shelf life:  If you intend to package your delicious treats in plastic bags, ensure that the bag is at least 3mil thick. In addition, the bag should be properly sealed using a very good heat sealer. The use of cellophane to package your cotton candy should be avoided because the candy sticks to it.
  • Temperature and Humidity: Your cotton candy should also be stored at room temperature in order to have a very long shelf life. It is even better to store it on the countertop than to store it in a refrigerator or freezer. With humidity being one of the worst enemies of the cotton candy, it should be avoided.

Moisture is more likely to get into a thin bag or one with a poor seal. This could make the individual bags of cotton candy shrink, which is why it is dangerous to refrigerate your candy.

  • Vibration:  Vibration will easily shrink your cotton candy. Do not allow children to throw these bags around, as they could shrink considerably.

cotton candy bags

Mylar Cotton Candy Bags

  • Shelf life: Cotton candy, when packaged in mylar bags bulk, can last for a couple of years if left unopened. Your sugar treat will remain nice and fluffy due to the seal and thick protection offered by this bag. However, it is recommended that you eat your cotton candy in the few hours the bag is opened.
  • DIY shelf life:  One very useful property of this kind of bag is the fact that it is user-friendly. This bag option is highly economical which makes it safe for the manufacture of large amounts of cotton candy. Small cotton candy business owners can use this cheaper option instead of buying containers.
  • Temperature and humidity:  Your mylar bags should be stored at room temperature, away from direct contact with sunlight to avoid shrinkage. As long as the bags are unopened, your candies will not be affected by humidity.request quote from zigpac
  • Vibrations: Excessive vibration of the mylar bag will cause it to shrink. Consequently, the cotton candy is likely to squish, especially if it is in an overpacked box.

Plastic containers

  • Shelf life:  Plastic containers, which are deli-like and thick are capable of preserving your candy for five to ten weeks if unopened. The main advantage of this option is that the lid can be replaced after it is opened. However, the cotton candy bags bulk should be eaten within a few days after the lid has been unsealed.
  • DIY shelf life: A thick container is the best way to package your cotton candy for mass production. The lid of this container should also have a liquid-tight seal. This will increase the shelf life of your home-made cotton candy.
  • Temperature and humidity: Your cotton candy should always be stored at room temperature. Plastic containers are thicker and can keep your cotton candy fresh and fluffy even when the temperature is warm. Therefore, you can package your treats in this container, place in boxes, and take to a large event or party.

They are the best at protecting your treats from getting squished due to humidity.

  • Vibrations: Do not place your plastic containers on a vibrating object to avoid shrinking the container and subsequently, the cotton candy.

individual bags of cotton candy

Individual Bag Options for Cotton Candy

Storing your treats is a very good way to encourage eating moderately, and making sure that the candy lasts longer. How long can your cotton candy stay fresh? This depends on how it is bagged.

Here are some bag options for cotton candy:

Mylar Bags

These bags are seen as the gold standard when it comes to storing DIY food. They are super light, thin, flexible, tight, strong, and very durable. Mylar bags provide a method of storage that is simple and fun while extending shelf life.

More so, these bags have a high tensile strength that helps keep your candy isolated from the outside. By isolating your candy, you do not expose them to light, oxygen content, and humidity. Also, due to their strength, mylar bags can be filled and sealed without ripping.request quote from zigpac

However, because of the thickness of Mylar bags, they tend to be more expensive than other options. Rodents also tend to have no difficulty chewing through the bag. Also, be careful not to use lighter Mylar bags to avoid light penetration.

Standard Plastic Bag

These bags are very easy to fill and often sell quicker than most of the other options. You can choose to use plain plastic bags in order to ensure the total visibility of your cotton candy. On the other hand, there are plastic bags that feature festive designs, logos, and bright colors.

One of such bags offered by Zigpac is the Custom Candy Plastic Packaging Bag for Cotton Candy Bags.  

Plastic Container

Plastic containers are also good for storing cotton candy and other food. Also, they are durable so they can withstand some amount of trauma. You can also place some other containers on top of them without them shrinking or buckling. These containers come in different unique shapes like the Plastic Container for Cotton Candy and many others manufactured by Zigpac.

The thicker plastic containers are known to last longer than the thinner ones used for take-outs. More so, they are quite affordable compared to some other options. Another advantage of this option is that the containers are reusable.

However, this option shows signs of degrading over time, when excessive stacking of items on it occurs. Another drawback of this option is the absorption of the smell and tastes of the cotton candy. Also, plastic is not biodegradable, so it needs breaking down by light into smaller pieces that can contaminate the soil.

individual bags of cotton candy

How to Use a Bag to Preserve Cotton Candy?

There are different types of cotton candy bags on sale at many Zigpac stores. Moreover, these bags have special materials to meet the needs of different customers. However, some people prefer to get cotton candy bags bulk for packaging larger quantity of this sugary treat.

After getting these bags, here is how to best preserve cotton candy:

Materials Neededrequest quote from zigpac

  • Cotton candy
  • Resealable freezer bag
  • An air-tight container


  • Firstly, make a batch of cotton candy using a cotton candy machine and cotton candy sugar.
  • Then, place the cotton candy in a resealable freezer bag.
  • After, very gently, press out the excess air that is around the sides of the candy. Try not to squash the cotton candy in the process.
  • Next, seal the bag properly.
  • Thereafter, place the sealed bag in a container that is air-tight.
  • Also, seal the container. The double barrier will help keep the air and moisture out.
  • Finally, store away the individual bags of cotton candy in a refrigerator indefinitely, or store in a cool and dark space. Once you take it out of the freezer and eat part of it, ensure you do not keep any leftovers. It arises because the cotton candy will shrink and clump due to exposure to humidity and warm temperatures.request quote from zigpac

Therefore, if you are looking for the best place to get your cotton candy bags and other supplies, check Zigpac’s stores.

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