Logo Placement for Product Packaging Boxes

Logo box placement is a really tricky aspect of package design. You already know that your packages must be efficient, especially if you do your business online.

The question most times is related to logo packaging boxes. People want to know the best position to place a product package logo. We will discuss these and several other issues relating to logo placement in this article.wall sticker decals

The basics

The packaging is beyond ensuring that your products reach the customers safe, it has a lot to do with creating impressions. This brings us to the question, what should you do with your packaging to attract customers and prospects? The answer, using your logo and placing it properly.

Just in case you didn’t know, your business logo is your brand identity, the signature of your brand. This means there must be consistency with your logo, just like your regular signature. If there is no consistency, it becomes difficult for your clients to recognize your brand. 

This consistency doesn’t stop with design, it involves placement as well. What this implies is that you need to consider logo box placement more closely. Companies make use of logo guidelines to help them achieve consistency with logo packaging boxes.

Logo guidelines are just a small part of the total package when it comes to brand guidelines. These guidelines tell you what to do with your product package logo as well as what you shouldn’t do. 

When hiring a designer to handle your packaging, it is important that you emphasize the use of these guidelines. However, if you are using the services of a logo maker online, check if they provide a logo use advice. We will discuss some of these guides in the next section.

Logo guidelines

These are some of the elements you should consider for your logos:

Logo elements

These elements are the components that form the basis of your logo (symbol, wordmark, or both). If there is more space on the product package, it is better to work with a wordmark. However, if your space is limited, then you should choose a symbol instead.

Color variations

Usually, the variations are supposed to include the original version of your business logo. This includes the white and black versions of the logo as well as other options for special uses or occasions. 

Depending on whether you want to print on perfect business bag or boxes (know more), different color variations may be appropriate. It is best you consider which best suits the material to be printed on and the printing method. This will play a huge role in deciding what color variation to use.

Unacceptable uses

What shouldn’t you do to your logo? A lot falls under this category, transparency, color, scale, and rotation. These rules should be followed across the different media as you design your logo packaging boxes

Of course, carrying out experiments with your logo package placement is allowed. However, you must be careful to maintain consistency with the placement of the product package logo.

Clear space

Space is very important when it comes to logo box placement. This is the only way that your logo can be clearly seen. The logo guidelines provide instructions on how much space you need for your logo on different packages.

When it comes to the placement of logos, the most important area is known as a clear space. Even though logos are of different sizes and shapes, there is a standard recommendation regarding clear space. So whether it is on a business card or product package, your border should always be 10% of the width.

For example, if you plan to put a 10 cm version of your business logo on a box. You have to ensure that a minimum of 1 cm border space is provided on each side of the logo. When deciding on clear space, you cannot focus on dimensions alone, consider several other factors.

Some of these include bag handles, box edges, packaging tape, and postage. You have to consider these because they can encroach on your logo space. With sufficient clear space and frequent use, customers will find it easy to recognize and remember your business logo.

The Psychology that governs package design and logo placement

So far we have been able to explain the basics of logo box placement. With this knowledge, you should begin exploring different ways to place your product package logo on your different packages. To ensure that your packaging is attractive enough, tap into the psychology that governs logo placement.wall sticker decals

You can play with the position of your logo on logo packaging boxes. This depends on the kind of message you want to pass. Let’s explore a few positions and how they affect impressions.

Center placement

Generally, people are attracted to symmetry which is why one of the principles of design prescribes this position. The best way to achieve symmetry in your designs is by placing the logo at the center. This makes the logo easy to spot and remember.

packaging box design

Right vs. left placement

You can choose one of the rules of web design. It states that it is easier to remember the logos placed on the left than the right. This is a great way to make your customers remember your logo.

Low vs. high placement

When a logo is placed at the top of the packaging, it is easier to spot it. However, higher is not always better as people prefer less powerful brands to have lower placement of logos. Whether your logo will be high or low will depend on what impression you want to make.wall sticker decals

Other locations

You can place your logo in different locations depending on the shape and size. For example:

  • Using a wordmark at the top-center reminds customers of the document title.
  • When the wordmark logo is inscribed on your logo packaging boxes in script font, it resembles a signature. This is even truer when it is placed at the bottom left.
  • When the logo has a square shape and is placed at the top right, it looks like a stamp.


Logo box placement is important to how your brand packages will be perceived. With the basic knowledge we have provided above, you can be more effective in placing your product package logo. If you have any questions, share them with Zigpac in the comments section.