Shipping Fragile items Securely With Packaging Boxes

Any business owner, especially those in e-commerce, will tell you that shipping isn’t fun. Packaging fragile items is even more difficult which is why you need the best packing materials for fragile items.

There are several boxes for shipping fragile itfems. However, you need to find the best courier for fragile items that suits your needs. In this post, we will show you how to package your fragile items securely for shipping.

Best packaging material for fragile items

If you run an e-commerce business or you have to ship fragile items over long distances, this is for you. Choosing the best packaging material is a very important step in shipping fragile items. Let’s lead you through some of the best packing materials for fragile items you can use:best packing materials for fragile items

  1. Packing tape – Used to secure boxes (know more).
  2. Properly-sized box – It is important that your box has the right dimensions, especially for fragile items. The box should be snugly fitting to secure the content in transit.
  3. Bubble wrap – This is needed to protect the fragile item. It is best to make use of multiple layers, especially if the item needs extra protection.
  4. Airbags – To fill the empty spaces inside the box. This is imperative for protecting items that have sharp edges.
  5. Packing peanuts – They are also using in filling empty spaces. Simply pour some of the peanuts, enough to protect the item, in the box. After this, put in the fragile item then fill the remaining void with the peanuts.
  6. Foam enclosures – To use these in your packaging, ensure that they are tailor-made to your product specs. 
  7. Foam-in-bag – This is a kind of spray foam that is used in protecting fragile items. The foam acts as a protective foam that surrounds the item. It is important that you carry out research to choose the appropriate foam as they come to a variety of densities.
  8. Crumpled kraft paper – This is also very simple but also very effective in filling voids in your boxes. The best way to use these boxes is to place two inches of the paper between the box and the item.
  9. Corrugated inserts – These help to increase the durability of a package by adding strength to it. best packing materials for fragile items

Protecting fragile items

Before you even look for the best courier for fragile items, you should know the steps required in shipping them. These are some of the steps you need to consider:

  1. Order boxes for shipping fragile items using the required dimensions for your products. 
  2. Use bubble wrap to wrap your item carefully.
  3. Pour packing peanuts into your box to fill the base.
  4. Carefully place the fragile item into the box. The best position is at the center.
  5. Use foam or airbags to fill any void around the item. Do this based on how fragile the item is. 
  6. Use corrugated inserts and craft paper to strengthen the walls of your packaging box. 
  7. Close up the box then tape it using packing tape. It is advisable to run the tape a couple of times. This ensures safety in transit.
  8. Now that you have used the best packing materials for fragile items, don’t write fragile on the box. This may seem strange but boxes may get the worst treatment when labeled “fragile.”

boxes for shipping fragile items

Shipping fragile itemsbest packing materials for fragile items

Many business owners keep asking the question, “How can I ship fragile items?” Even though it may seem a bit difficult, with these shipping tips.

Before you send out your items, be sure to do these:

  1. Package the fragile item properly into the box using the best packing materials.
  2. Research and find the best courier for fragile items around. Streamline your research using factors like cost, the best value, and delivery time.
  3. To reduce risks to the barest minimum, it is best you obtain a shipping insurance cover.
  4. You can either order for a pickup of the item or drop it at the shipping office. 

In choosing your courier service, you have to put into consideration the location you are sending the item to. With this, you can ask the question, “Who ships fragile items to this location best at affordable rates?” Ask if they have an efficient tracking system and how feasible it is to pick up the item from their end. This is just as important as choosing boxes for shipping fragile items.

When it comes to getting insurance cover, you have two options. You can either get full coverage which covers both lost and damaged items. Your second option only covers lost items.

Making a choice depends on the value of the item you want to ship. It will also depend on the location to which you are shipping the item. Truth be told, full coverage is quite expensive, however, the investment is worth it.

boxes for shipping fragile items

Shipping fragile items internationally

These tips will help you to ship fragile items beyond the shores of your country

  1. Accurately value your item prior to shipping.
  2. Always consider the cost of import taxes and customs duties when shipping fragile items abroad.
  3. Consider the cost of all the necessary paperwork including legalities.
  4. Check for the restricted or prohibited items before sending an item to another country. If you send a restricted item, it may not be allowed to enter the country.
  5. Pick an efficient shipping insurance cover for your item.
  6. It is always better to find courier services that do pickup and delivery. This makes life easier for you and your customers.
  7. We advise that you schedule each shipment online. This will save effort and time on your end.
  8. Choose a courier service that will provide special handling for your fragile items.
  9. Always check for the destination delivery requirement for each package before sending it out.boxes for shipping fragile items


Now that you know the best packing materials for fragile items it should be easy to ship fragile packages. We have shown you how to choose the best courier for fragile items and the importance of boxes for shipping fragile items. If you have any questions, share them with Zigpac.