Why Should You Get Mesh Laundry Bags?

There are a couple of items we should all have in our homes, a mesh laundry bag is one of them. These custom nylon bags can be used for several purposes and come with several advantages.request quote from zigpac

Are you wondering why you should spend extra on getting nylon laundry bags? We will show you why you should in this post. If you are ready, let’s get straight to business. 

Items you can put in your laundry bags

The truth is if you don’t know the benefits of a thing, you may not want to invest in it. This is the story of a mesh laundry bag. Not everyone sees getting custom nylon bags as important and because of this, they don’t pay attention to them. 

Before we discuss the benefits you will enjoy from getting nylon laundry bags, let’s look at what to put in them.

Delicate fabrics

You know those T-shirts and tops that are made from delicate fabric? Yes, those ones that could get damaged from a simple nick of a zipper or button. Some of these clothes cost you some extra cash and you have come to love them so much.

If you don’t want them to get damaged quickly, it is best you throw them in a laundry bag when dirty. This protects the fabrics from pulling or getting damaged.


Putting your lingerie in a laundry bag helps to maintain their shape. Asides this, you protect the straps from getting unnecessarily stretched. This act will also ensure that the hooks of your lingerie are not caught by other items. If you want your lingerie to last, this is one way to keep them durable.

mesh laundry bag

Bathing suits

When you dry your bathing suits on a line, you put them at risk of losing their elasticity. However, when you put them in a mesh bag separating them from other items becomes easier. 

This means that you achieve two purposes with the mesh bag. First, you keep the elasticity of your bathing suits. Secondly, you save yourself time and aggravation since the suits are not caught in any other material. 


When you have young kids around, it can a huge challenge trying to keep track of their socks. To save yourself the hassle, simply get a mesh laundry bag and instruct them to drop their socks in it.custom nylon bags

When you are ready to do your laundry, just empty the contents of the bag into the machine. This makes it easy for you to wash all their socks and even easier pairing them when you are done.


Most times you see the messages “hand wash only” of “dry clean only” on your sweaters. While most of us dry clean the ones that need to be dry cleaned, we never stay true to hand washing.

This means that you need extra protection for that sweater to make it stand the test of time. Throw your sweaters in one of these custom nylon bags (know more) for more protection. When you are ready to wash, the gentle wash option on your machine and then lay it flat to get dry.

We all are always tempted to throw in all our clothes at once. However, with nylon laundry bags, we become more organized when it comes to handling our laundry. By the time you start using these bags, you will see the effects on your clothes and your laundry process.

mesh laundry bag

Uses of laundry bags

Beyond what you can put in these bags, there are several uses for these bags. There is so much you can achieve with a laundry bag if you are open to new ideas. In this section, we will discuss a few of these uses with you.

Good storage

We all know laundry bags are good for storing clothes, which is why they were designed in the first place. Did you know that they can store a lot more than just clothes? Yes, they can.custom nylon bags

You can store beverages in your custom nylon bags and put in some ice to make them chilled. Another way to use them for storage is to put dirty shoes in them to save you from their stench.

Washing small-size clothes

When you wash small-size clothes, there is every tendency that you may misplace some of them. A vivid example is socks or lingerie. To ensure that you don’t lose these items, it is best that you put them in a mesh bag before washing. 

Protecting your clothes from damage

This is one of the top uses of nylon laundry bags as we have discussed above. Hooks and zippers may nick your clothes while washing. Automatically, this will cause damage to any cloth that is nicked. 

To help you prevent this, you can separate clothes with hooks from those that don’t have using laundry bags. This way, you will be able to protect your clothes from damage and they can last longer.

mesh laundry bag

Convey toys on beach trips

When you are going to the beach with your kids and loved ones, you are likely to take toys along. However, most people prefer leaving the toys behind because they convey sand back to their homes. We all know how carrying sand into our homes can be annoying.

To prevent this, put your toys in mesh laundry bags. This will ensure that the bags sift the sand away before you get to the house. Plus these bags have so much space, you can carry a lot of toys on your trip.

Storing fruits

Who would have thought that a mesh laundry bag will be a great fruit basket? This bag will provide lots of air circulation for your fruits. Simply drop the fruits into the bag and leave them there.custom nylon bags

The advantage of this is that you will save your fruits from rot. You will also prevent insect and parasite attacks on the fruits. 


Do you now see why you should invest in custom nylon bags? These nylon laundry bags do a lot more than hold clothes, the advantages are immense. If you have any demand for custom mesh laundry bags, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.