17 Unique Ways to Use Storage Bags

There are several ways to use plastic storage vacuum bags (know more) asides packing clothes alone. The only way to discover these most times is to experiment with Ziploc bag crafts.

When you do, you’ll figure out new ways to use plastic storage bags. We have done a bit of that and in this post, we will show you how to use Ziploc bag crafts.

Using these storage bagsplastic storage bags

These bags can be used for in packing and storing majorly soft items. The most common of such are clothes. It is advised that you keep leather, fur, and food items away from storage vacuum bags.

You shouldn’t also store objects with sharp ridges or corners in these bags. This is because they will cause damage by puncturing the bag. These bags come in handy when you are short of space, especially when moving houses.

They are also great when you intend to swap seasonal clothes in your wardrobe. By so doing, you can have your summer clothes put away neatly during winter and vice versa.

Normal plastic storage bags always contain air when you seal them. This air makes them bulkier than normal. Vacuum bags eliminate this bulk as the air is sucked out of the bag. Asides the extra space they provide, they also keep your items from moisture and dirt.

Before discussing the different unique uses of these bags, there’s something you should know. It is not wise to keep things for long in these Ziploc bag crafts. The maximum storage period should be six months. The lack of air may be harmful to these items.


Unique ways to use vacuum bags

As we stated earlier in this post, there are so many ways to use these bags. At the end of the day, the reason why we use these bags is proper organization. There are really instrumental in this regard.

We will present you a few ways to use Ziploc bag crafts. By the time you are done with our list, you should have come up with a few ways of your own. Let’s get straight to the ideas.

  • Organizing suppliesplastic storage bags

Most times, you have all these supplies scattered about your kitchen or work desk. They end up making the whole place look messy and choked up. In fact, a large space could look very small because these supplies are scattered about.

Simply gather these supplies into these plastic storage bags and put them away. You could put them in an old shoebox, drawers, or even hang them over a rod. This way you have your clogged up space better organized.

  • Protecting surfaces from spillages

This is one of the most common uses of plastic vacuum storage bags. When you put things that can spill in them, they are shut inefficiently. This means that even when there is a spillage, the surface where the bag is kept is protected.

  • Keep electronic manuals

If you have bought an electronic appliance in recent times, you would have noticed this. The manual is always inside one of these bags. This prevents it from being rumpled or getting damaged in transit.

You can try this for some of your documents. It will protect them from any kind of damage, especially wrinkling and spills. Added to this, you can put the documents away safely. By so doing you have achieved organization at the same time.

storage vacuum bags

  • Sorting electronic cords

Having a lot of electronic devices implies having a lot of cords or cables scattered around. You cannot deny the fact that this is not just frustrating, it is embarrassing too.

Instead of leaving the cables scattered about, get a vacuum bag and put the cables after neatly folding them. Label each bag for easy identification. Put the bags away in a safe location for future purposes.

  • Storing and organizing recipe cardsplastic storage bags

As a person who loves to cook, you are likely to be interested in lots of recipes. This will require you cutting out recipe cards and pages from magazines and scribbling many others on paper.

If these cards and papers are not organized, they could get missing or completely turn your kitchen upside down. What do you do? Gather the cards and papers and put them in storage vacuum bags. Label the bags accordingly and put them away neatly.

  • Making personalized nail sticker decals

Ladies will love this one because it has to do with their nails. Most women seek the cheapest and easiest ways to look good. This is why beauty hacks are important.

Here’s a simple beauty hack, using these storage bags to make a customized nail sticker decal. This must be really cool right? It is not just cool, it is simple. Paint the bag with some nail polish and leave it to get dry.

Peel off the paint when it is dry and place it over your nail. Once set in place, file it properly and voila.

  • Marinating meat

Who would have thought this was possible? It is one of the strangest ways of using these vacuum bags. The record has it that these plastic vacuum storage bags make marinating meat very easy. Not just that, the process is very efficient too.

Simply get your marinating recipe and after doing the needful, put the meat in the bag. Leave there for the required time and watch out for the amazing results. You will likely get addicted to using this method to marinate your meat from now henceforth.

storage vacuum bags

  • Making ice cream

Did you know that you can make your customized ice cream inside a vacuum bag? We can bet that thought never crossed your mind. Well, it is possible and it produces great results too.

Simply put in your recipe, you can anything you think will make it tastier. It is really fun so you can enjoy yourself while you make your ice cream.


  • Making an omelet

Doing this is as simple as making ice cream with a vacuum bag. It follows the same process, put together your recipe and put in the bag. That’s all.

  • Protect the surface of your phone or tablet from grease or water

This is very important when you are cooking. It is very possible to spill some oil or water over your mobile phone or tablet. You know what damage this could cause.

Instead of leaving things to chance, put your phone or tablet into one of these bags when in the kitchen. It works like magic, as your device has become both waterproof and water-resistant.ziploc bag crafts

  • As a piping bag

Cake decorating will be way easier with this. Piping bags are important when using butter icing to decorate cakes. The only challenge is they may burst open at some point.

If this occurs and you don’t have another bag at hand, convert one of your Ziploc bag crafts to one. Some people even think they are stronger than regular piping bags.

  • Making treat bags

As the holiday season approaches, you begin to think about sharing treats. You may need to treat bags to package your treats properly. This means you have to spend some extra cash.

That extra spending might not be necessary if you have some plastic storage vacuum bags. All you need to do is prepare the bags neatly and use them as treat bags. To make them more beautiful, you can personalize them with some design.

  • Packing sandwiches

You can now pack those sandwiches without stress with these bags. Also, the good thing is that it saves you extra quid. The process simplified involves putting in your sandwiches and sharing them. That’s all.

storage vacuum bags

  • As nursery pots

Want to teach your kids agriculture in an exciting way? Try using storage vacuum bags. Pour in some soil and plant the seeds. Your kids can watch the seedling grow before you transplant them in your garden. This process also works for a greenhouse, it all depends on your preferences.ziploc bag crafts

  • DIY icepacks

Involved in sports then this should be perfect for you? When you engage in sports a lot, you are bound to have knocks here and there. With all these joint pain, you need to use icepacks often.

With a vacuum bag, you can make your own icepack at home. Icepacks are also great for keeping drinks in a lunch box cold, especially when going on a picnic. You should totally try this.

  • Organizing puzzle pieces

Kids love to play with puzzles but the problem is that they hardly put the pieces away in an organized manner. This means that after a while, most of these pieces will get missing.

Get some vacuum bags, label them and put in the puzzle pieces accordingly. Add returning the puzzle pieces into the bag as part of your rules.

  • Organizing a diaper bagziploc bag crafts

Having a baby can be quite interesting but dealing with diapers isn’t so much fun. These bags come in handy as a means of organizing your baby’s diaper bag. Keep fresh diapers in one plastic vacuum storage bag and used ones in another.


The more you use storage vacuum bags, the more you find out you can do with them. So, there are several other ways to use these plastic storage bags, it all depends on how creative you are.