Over the last few years, the health and wellness industry has grown remarkably. One aspect that has proven to be of great benefit to users is vaping CBD. While so many people see smoking marijuana as a way of alleviating stress, CBD vaping presents health benefits.

In this post, we will discuss Cookies CBD cartridges and all you need to know about them. This includes the types of cartridges and things to watch out for before purchasing one.

Introducing CBD

Before we begin discussing cartridges and Cookie vape carts, let’s briefly explain CBD. CBD is a shortened form of the word “cannabidiol.” This is a chemical compound that is found in the plant known as Cannabis sativa.

CBD belongs to a group known as cannabinoids. The chemicals in this group possess healing abilities, especially for the peripheral and central nervous systems of the body.

Here’s one thing that you should know. Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that controls the peripheral and central nervous systems. This system interacts with the phytocannabinoid system in cannabis plants.

It is possible to enjoy the benefits of CBD without getting dependent on or intoxicated by it. This is why manufacturers provide extracts in different products such as capsules, e-liquids, edibles, and vapes.

What you should know about Cookies CBD Cartridges

One of the most popular methods of vaping CBD today is the use of CBD cartridges. The cartridge is a small container that contains CBD vape juice such as Cookies vape. These juices are flavored with several kinds of ingredients like fruit extracts, terpenes, and natural hemp extract.

A CBD cartridge should contain from 0.5 ml to about 1.0 ml of e-vape liquid. Such cartridges can be attached to a BY2 MAX disposable vape pen or a vaporizer. In some cases, the vape liquid is designed to suit a device manufactured by a specific brand.

Types of CBD Cartridges

There are two types of CBD cartridges, they are:

  • Pre-filled CBD cartridges
  • Refillable CBD cartridges

We will discuss both in this section to help you decide which of the Cookies CBD cartridges you’d prefer.

Pre-filled CBD cartridges

These are mini-vape tanks that come with CBD vape juice like Cookies vape pre-filled. The vape juice usually contains a wick and coil. You can use this instead of a disposable vape pen. These cartridges make use of the universal 510 threading making them compatible with standard vape pens and 510 thread batteries.

It is true that Cookies vape carts are seen as disposable. However, you can refill them and use them a few times over before disposal. Why are pre-filled cartridges gaining more popularity? Here are a few reasons:

  • Disposable and re-usable.
  • Portable and pocketable.
  • Compatible with a variety of vape pens.
  • Contains CBD vape oil.

Re-fillable CBD Cartridges

Unlike the pre-filled cartridges, the re-fillable ones come empty. However, they have a wicking system and an internal coil. You can fill a re-fillable CBD cartridge with THC oil, nicotine e-liquid, and CBD vape distillate and oil.

Re-fillable cartridges are far more affordable than their pre-filled counterparts and disposable vape pens. If you vape frequently and you don’t like to mix your CBD with nicotine, re-fillable cartridges are perfect for you. The same goes for a person that doesn’t like to use their main vaping device to vape CBD.

How to buy quality CBD Products

It is important to note that the FDA does not regulate CBD. Because of this, there is a huge variety of CBD products with a wide quality spectrum on the market. as a result, we advise that you carry out sufficient pre-purchase research. Here are four factors that you must consider:

Extract type

There are two forms of CBD products namely full-spectrum hemp extract and CBD isolate. While the former contains components of all the cannabinoids like CBD, terpenes, and phytochemicals, CBD isolate is pure without ingredients.

Based on scientific research, the full-spectrum extract is a better option because different components of cannabis have a symbiotic relationship. As such, you need smaller dosages of the full-spectrum extract to enjoy the effects that the CBD isolate presents. Also, the few-spectrum extract comes with fewer side effects.

Most of the CBD cartridges on the market today come with the isolate instead of the full-spectrum. This is because the isolate is cheaper and easier to extract. So when next you are checking Cookies vape carts for sale, check the labels as well.

Third-party testing

An easy way to check for the quality of CBD products is to look at third-party test results. There are independent labs that run tests on CBD products to check for contamination and potency. This presents users with proof that the product is capable of what was advertised.

There are several ways to access these test results. You can either check online or read the product’s package. Some companies also offer batch-specific results. If you don’t get these results, we advise that you don’t purchase the product.

Extraction process

The extraction method of a CBD product has an impact on its efficacy. CBD and other helpful components can be extracted through the use of ethanol and carbon dioxide.

When companies extract CBD using carbon dioxide, they can maintain its quality. However, this process is very expensive. Using ethanol is far cheaper but there’s the issue of the final product containing trace amounts of the solvent.

Source location

The quality of the CBD products extracted depends on the conditions surrounding the growth of the plant. For the CBD product to be of high quality, it must be extracted from organic, non-GMO hemp that is free of pesticides. We must not forget that the growth climate also matters so you should check the cultivation location.

Using Cookies CBD cartridges

If you have picked one of the Cookies CBD cartridges, here’s how to use it. Note that after you fill and prime it, there isn’t much work to be done.

  • Charge the battery and make sure that it is on.
  • Put the device at the lowest voltage setting.
  • Begin with short puffs. This helps you to gauge the effects and prime the coil.
  • After vaping, switch off the cartridge by clicking on the button 5 times.


That’s all you need to know about Cookies CBD cartridges. Click here to see our array of cartridges, Cookie vape carts, and other products.