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  1. How to Identify Fake Cookies Vape Cartridge


    It is no longer a secret that the market is filled with lots of cookies vape carts. Several people have fallen victim to these items and suffered sickness or even died from using these cartridges. The problem is that they look legitimate, however, they are fake and contaminated.

    You will find these CBD carts for sale online and they are usually cheaper than the original ones. The best way to protect yourself from purchasing a fake cookies vape cartridge is to know how to identify one. We will show you how in this post.

    Identifying Fake Cookies Vape Cartridge

    How do you know a cookies runtz cartridge is fake? There are a few factors to check to help you differentiate a real one from a fake. Check some of them out below:

    The license

    When you purchase CBD carts from unlicensed dispensaries, they are likely to be contaminated or faulty. One thing that you must know is that additives that seem harmless can cause dire consequences.

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  2. Why You Should Use Custom Puffy Stickers in Your Next Marketing Campaign

    Are you considering the idea of using custom puffy stickers for your next marketing campaign? Then you are making one of the best marketing decisions ever. These stickers are pretty cute and they come in different shapes and sizes. Let’s not forget the fact that they bring out the “child” hidden in most adults.

    In this post, we will explain what puffy stickers are and how to make yours at home. We will also show you the benefits of using 3D puffy stickers for marketing campaigns. Grab a seat and let’s get started.

    Explaining Puffy Stickers

    Just as their name implies, puffy stickers are stickers with a raised surface such that they have a 3D appearance. Why call them puffy? It is because the side carrying the sticker design is raised slightly like a regular “puff.” These stickers are quite soft to the touch and very appealing.

    Children love to gather these stickers especially when they find their favorite characters. One of the major advantages of these st

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  3. A Guide to Creating and Using Custom Lenticular Stickers

    Lenticular stickers are becoming quite popular in advertising. However, lenticular printing has been around for a very long time. You must have seen a few lenticular prints while growing up.

    This form of printing creates some mesmerizing effects when we view them. Some of these effects include infinity, flip, zoom, 3D depth, and illusions of motion. You can use custom lenticular stickers to make your products and marketing campaigns stand out.

    Types of Printing Effects on Lenticular Stickers

    As we mentioned above, you can create different types of printing effects with custom lenticular stickers. In this section, we will discuss some of these effects and how you can apply them.

    3D effect

    This effect is one of the most popular that you can create using lenticular printing. It creates a new perspective on regular designs. The 3D effect could create an illusion of distance or depth among the objects used in the image.

    3D effects could

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  4. How to Create Custom Vinyl Stickers

    Custom vinyl stickers are among the most versatile promotion items ever. Why? It is simple, they will stick and look great on almost every surface. What this means is that they can carry any message and will meet the needs of almost every customer.

    There are several ways to get custom vinyl decals. You can either order online from stores like Zigpac or create yours. In this post, we will show you how to create die-cut stickers and where to place them. Let’s dive straight in.

    Creating Custom Vinyl Stickers

    Making these stickers is pretty easy as long as you have the right tools and you know the process. In this section, we will explain the process of creating these stickers in steps.

    Part one – Create your design

    The first step to making your stickers is to come up with a design. We suggest that you check out pictures of vinyl stickers online to draw inspiration. A good way to start is to have a theme in mind so that you can channel your sea

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  5. How to make Custom Nail Stickers + Application Tips

    Custom nail art stickers are fast becoming a popular manicure trend especially since we are more social media-inclined these days. Besides the glam that they exude, these stickers are also a very safe style of manicure. There are diverse designs to choose from if you don’t want to create original designs.

    You can either purchase custom nail stickers from physical stores or online stores like Zigpac. Alternatively, you can make your stickers and apply them from the comfort of your home. Making these stickers isn’t as difficult as you may consider it to be. Read on to find out how to make and apply your custom nail decals.

    How to Create Custom Nail Stickers

    Have you been thinking of getting on the “custom nail polish strips” trend but you can’t seem to get it right? The stickers are probably too pricey at the manicure store and you haven’t figured out how to create yours. No need to worry, we will show you what to do in this section.

    Here’s what you need

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  6. How to Create Custom Scratch and Sniff Stickers

    Scratch and sniff stickers are not as popular as they used to be. However, many people still use them for several purposes including marketing and promotion campaigns. Most of your older family members should remember playing with these stickers as kids.

    Ever wondered how custom scented stickers worked or how they even came about? Would you like to make yours? We will tell you a bit about this technology and how to create scented stickers.

    A Brief History of the “Scratch and Sniff” Technology

    How did scratch and sniff come about? This technology is the result of trying to make copies before the arrival of printers, copiers, and word processors. Then, you had to place carbon paper between two sheets of paper to create copies.

    A scientist, Gale Matson, in the 1960s devised a means to create ink copies without using carbon paper. He called the process “microencapsulation.” This pr

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  7. The Ultimate Guide to Planner Stickers

    Did you just hear about printable stickers are can’t wait to try them out but don’t know how to? Or have you gotten around to making custom planner stickers but are wondering how to use them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

    Planning is not always an easy process. However, you can shake things up with a few stickers as they add some fun to the process. A beautiful sticker design is all you need most times to motivate yourself. If what you need is a fun and easy way to make your planner more attractive, try out happy planner stickers.

    What are planner stickers?

    They are sticker files that you can find at no cost on blogs and websites or pay for on different online stores. After paying for the kit, you get a downloadable file in any of PNG, JPG, or PDF formats. Sometimes, the stickers are presented to you

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  8. Overview of Security Holograms

    Ever wondered about the reason behind an ID card hologram overlay or driver’s license hologram overlay? Well, it is for security or anti-counterfeiting purposes. You will find these security holograms on several products including credit and debit cards, children’s strollers, and passports.

    In this post, we take a closer look at a security hologram overlay, how to create one, and its application. We will also show you some factors to consider when choosing a hologram overlay.

    What is a Security Hologram Overlay?

    Security hologram overlays help to prevent the duplication of copying of different kinds of cards and other items. You will only see the image of the hologram when you view the item from certain angles. From a regular angle, all you see is the information on the ID card. The overlay has a durable fil

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  9. All You Need to Know About CBD Cartridges

    Over the last few years, the health and wellness industry has grown remarkably. One aspect that has proven to be of great benefit to users is vaping CBD. While so many people see smoking marijuana as a way of alleviating stress, CBD vaping presents health benefits.

    In this post, we will discuss Cookies CBD cartridges and all you need to know about them. This includes the types of cartridges and things to watch out for before purchasing one.

    Introducing CBD

    Before we begin discussing cartridges and Cookie vape carts, let’s briefly explain CBD. CBD is a shortened form of the word “cannabidiol.” This is a chemical compound that is found in the plant known as Cannabis sativa.

    CBD belongs to a group known as cannabinoids. The chemicals in this group possess healing abilities, especially for the peripheral and central nervous systems of the body.

    Here’s one thing that you should know. Our bod

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  10. How Do Visa Hologram Stickers Work?

    One of the reasons why hologram stickers are gaining much popularity is because of their versatility. Asides from this, they present you with a cost-effective way to protect, authenticate, and promote your products. Visa hologram stickers are totally customizable, difficult to imitate, and verifiable.

    Holograms resemble 3D photos entrapped in plastic, metal, or glass. This gives you a picture of what hologram stickers are. The question that begs an answer is, “how do these stickers work?” We will answer this and more in this post.

    Creating Hologram Stickers

    In case you were wondering how master hologram stickers were created, we will provide you

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