Benefits of Promotional Bumper Sticker for Your Brand

 There are different ways to advertise your brand, for example, using a billboard, television advertisements, radio advertisements and other means of the advertisement but one of the most effective means of advertising your brand is by the use of the best Bumper stickers. Over the years, bumper stickers custom has become very helpful in promoting a brand for obvious reasons that will be stated below. Bumper stickers (know more) come in different shapes and sizes. 

One of the most popular ones is the round bumper stickers, we have the square-shaped ones, the triangularly shaped ones and of course the rectangular shaped ones. The shape used depends on your choice and ultimately what suits your brand. 


       Stated are the benefits of the best Bumper stickers


Awareness simply means the ability to be conscious of something. So very beautiful, attractive and well-designed round bumper stickers increase the awareness of your brand. When your brand is all up on your potential customers’ faces it increases the extent to which they are familiar with your brand. Increased awareness also increases how much trust your potential customers have in you, which eventually increases sales and recommendation.


Compared to other means of brand advertising like Television advert, Radio advert, billboards, etc, the cost of production of round bumper stickers is very cheap especially when produced in large quantities because in printing, the higher the amount produced, the cheaper the cost.wall sticker decals

So one of the most impressive benefits of the best bumper stickers as a way of advertising a brand is because it is very affordable at least compared to other means of advertisement.


It has been proven to have more reach, especially when compared to billboard advertising. A single sticker on a car can reach hundreds and even thousands of potential customers per day. In cities where there is heavy traffic, it could actually reach more people all in a single day. A branded bumper sticker custom on a traveling car can reach more than one city in a day. These show how effective it is in brand advertising.


Compared to other means of advertising, round bumper stickers distribution is usually simple and also easy. It is important to note that its distribution must be strategic in order to get maximum results after its production. Usually, the fans of the brand and the customers are the first set of distributors. 

Once in the hands of your customers, they automatically become the marketing vehicle to promote your brand. The stickers can be kept with the payment vouchers, gift packs, and handed over to customers as souvenirs after a business transaction. So distributing the best bumper stickers shouldn’t worry you, the distributors are already available that is, your customers and fans.


The beautiful thing about bumper stickers custom is, everybody loves a cute bumper sticker. This is an advantage it has over every other means of advertising, as long as it is well designed and attractive.wall sticker decals

People would go all out to paste it not only on the bumper of their cars, to paste it on the corners of their laptops, to pasting it on their bags and guess what, but they are also advertising you!


The more your fans and customers use your stickers and advertise your brand indirectly as they carry your stickers about, the more your brand is known and then more people will know your brand and more will want to associate with your brand.  


Another amazing advantage of a bumper stickers custom is, your potential customers tend to trust your brand more, which means you are using the recommendation of the people using your brand stickers as leverage. That is, your customers are indirectly giving you what looks like a word of mouth recommendation even without uttering a word. When more people can trust you, they will be able to buy into what you sell or what you have to offer.


Unlike every other means of advertisement where you pay heavily at regular intervals to service, using the bumper sticker is actually very cheap to service. The power of the best bumper stickers is in the fact that when your customers or fans use them, they are not perceived as advertising at all but personal endorsements and support for your brand… all free of charge. 


A distinctive benefit of the bumper sticker is that it can actually be a product that can be sold. A well designed, very attractive sticker can be sold thereby doing the dual job of bringing in money as well as being used for advertisement. Please take note, this is only advisable when your brand has become a household name. if your brand is still new, it is better to utilize maximally the power of Free…giving out your stickers free of charge.wall sticker decals


Over time even the best bumper stickers fade out and get unattractive, when this happens, what is needed is to replace them.


If after production, the stickers don’t yield the expected result because they are not very attractive, they can be replaced with so much ease.


There are few other mediums of advertising that allows you to be as creative as you would with bumper stickers. You could easily come out with a design that catches the attention of people. There is no limit to the amount of creativity allowed within the context of the core message of your brand… putting to good use your brand color and font.

In conclusion, out of all the means of advertisement, using bumper stickers for your brand will yield the best result. The key is going for the best bumper sticker, the shape notwithstanding either rectangular or round bumper stickers or square-shaped (get creative).  

The size should not be too big but it must be very attractive and must carry the message of your brand. Please remember, that your branded bumper stickers custom must be able to easily catch the attention of a potential customer with 5 – 10seconds. If you have any demand for custom personalized bumper stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.


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