Benefits of Using Counter Display Boxes

Many business owners and retail stores, including supermarkets, seek how best to display products (know more) to attract the attention of customers. One of the best ways to attract customer attention is by using counter display boxes.

With custom counter display, you are able to subtly persuade the customer to purchase your products. Any business can enjoy the benefits of personalized display boxes if they can use them properly.

What are the benefits of counter display boxes?

With these custom boxes, you are able to attract the attention of prospects. This is possible because the boxes have a way of making the products look more tantalizing. Once you are able to know your customers' preferences with respect to size, design, and shapes, your job is almost done.

Simply make use of the information you get to create your custom counter display boxes. This way they leave a lasting impression that will push your prospects to become clients and clients to be loyal.

Personalized display boxes perform two major functions. We have already told about the first one, attracting the customers. The second function of these boxes is to provide protection for the products.request quote from zigpac

Overall, when you use these boxes efficiently, your sales figures will soar. Let’s take a look at the different benefits you enjoy using these boxes.

Brand elevation

With your custom boxes come a specialized display of the products. The essence of this is the highlighting of the main product features. When you put forward your products’ selling point, it becomes easier to sell.

The first step lies in figuring out what your target market likes about your product. With this, you can play to your strengths. Focus your boxes on showing off these parts that your target market likes to see. 

By simply observing the exposed attributes, your clients can recognize your brand. This is a huge step in making the market know your brand identity. Your product display and packaging should unique and innovative so that with a single look the prospect is captivated.

Once people can pick your brand from the lot without reading names, you have attained brand recognition.

counter display boxes

Better information

When you make use of innovative packaging, you get the opportunity to present specific pieces of information about your product. It is imperative that you provide as much information on your custom boxes as possible regarding the product inside. You should also take advantage of the boxes to publicize discounts and promotions.

The expectation of prospects and clients for any professional packaging is information, lots of it on the package. They know that with this, they can decide to buy a product or not. If you can take advantage of this, you will put yourself ahead of the competition. 

There are certain pieces of information that you will find difficult to explain verbally. Make sure you add this to the boxes. Ensure that you go beyond the regular information like business name and logo, address, etc. Go ahead to provide information about manufacturing and expiry dates, precautions, instructions of use, etc.

Give your customers the opportunity to learn about your products from the counter display boxes. This will attract them as they will have a better reason to trust you. It is easier to build trust when reliable information is made available, request quote from zigpacespecially when it comes to first contact.

A touch of uniqueness

Never forget that you are not the only one in the market with your kind of product. If your brand is not able to stand out, your products will get lost on the counters. This is why you must invest in custom counter display boxes.

The whole idea is to catch the attention of the clients and prospects by being different from your competitors. With these boxes, your products will be different in color and design as well as shape.

This gives room for questions in the mind of prospects and clients. They want to know why you are different. It creates a sort of curiosity that drives them to scratch beneath the surface of your personalized display boxes

These boxes will make your products appeal to the different senses of the prospects in a unique way. They are the perfect way of presenting and introducing your products to the market. When you get this right, your packaging begins to communicate on its own to steal the market.

counter display boxes


Counter display boxes come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. What does this bring to the table? It provides you a range of options to present your products to the target market.

Traditional methods of packaging seem rather restrictive in the presentation of packaging options. This is totally different when it comes to custom counter display packaging. You can switch from boxes to Kraft packaging to cases and several other options.

You can also choose from a plethora of designs such as transparency, window panes, sleeves, support cushions, etc. We recommend that you focus more on transparency and windowpane because of their special effects. They present the customers an opportunity to view the product without opening the package.

This unique opportunity plays with the visual sense of the customer which acts as a means of attraction. Using personalized display boxes is a subtle way of inviting the customer to buy your product without speaking words.

Increase sales

The ultimate goal of every step in the production and packaging process is to make sales. When you package a product, you have in mind to grow its perceived value. This will, in turn, grow the propensity of that product to be bought by the customer.

Research has shown that about one-third of the decision made to purchase a product is a result of product presentation. If your product package is attractive, you have a higher chance of selling.counter display boxes

This is why big companies spend a fortune to customize their product packages. Everything counts, design, color, artwork, shape, etc. You cannot leave anything out as they will determine how high your sales figures will soar.


Counter display boxes play an important role in the sale of products. If you invest in custom counter display packaging, you have a better chance of selling your products. With personalized display boxes, there is no limit to how well your products can do on the market. If you have any demand for custom counter display boxes, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.