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Laminated Packaging Bag’s Perfect Using At Conferences

All year round, conferences are held in different parts of the world. One thing you will notice at such events is a laminated packaging bag.  Every conference is an opportunity for business if you can take advantage. Online packaging gift bag designs can be a way to take advantage of these opportunities.

Taking advantage of conferences using laminated bagsrequest quote from zigpac

A perfect gift bag design would keep your business in the memory of anyone who sees them. You have the opportunity to market your wares and make connections at these conferences. To get the best of these opportunities, you need to plan way ahead of time.

You need to advertise your products and also plan what promotional items to give out. The most common promotional items at these conferences are gift bags (know more). Even though complimentary cards and handbills help to pitch your business, recyclable bags prove to be a better tactic.

The reason is that customers carry them to different locations and other people get to see them. You need to discover how best to use these bags to propagate your business at these conferences.

Using laminated bags at a conference

There are so many ways to use a laminated packaging bag at a conference. Let’s take a look at the best ways to use these bags.

First steps

  • Make your order before time.

If you are not careful, you would have lost track of time and not be prepared for these conferences. There’s never enough time to prepare but you can still go around this. Once you know the dates of these conferences, start preparing immediately.

If you don’t, you’ll be caught up in other things like running your business that you’ll forget. When you make your orders early, you eliminate the chance of forgetting the bags or not making them at all.

request quote from zigpac

Your gift bag design should include the following:

  • Business name
  • Business logo and colors
  • A slogan that links your business to the conference
  • An advert of what you are selling
  • Pictures of your products

All these details will help your designer provide you a quality set of bags. It is always wise to give some cushion time to avoid any disappointments from vendors.

laminated packaging bag

  • Let your bags and booth match.

If you have attended any conferences then you would have noticed something with most booths. The booths that tend to stand out are the ones that have everything matching. By this we mean table cloths, canopies, posters, and even promotional items match the booths.

One of the best ways to take advantage of these laminated packaging bags is ensuring they match your booth. To achieve this, ensure you first have a color that represents your brand. Then make sure that you use the same graphic designs for every item. These include posters, business cards, and pamphlets.

The secret to achieving all of these is the previous point, ordering early. If you make your orders early, it makes it easy to make your bags match your booth.

laminated packaging bag

Second step

  • Use them to get your swag on.

Online packaging bags are a great way to get your swag on even if they can do a lot more. Our world is fast-paced and everyone will be happy to have a gift bag at hand for several purposes. If your design is great, they wouldn’t be just to carry items, they’ll become luxury items themselves.

gift bag design

A single laminated packaging bag could get up to six thousand impressions. Now try calculating how many impressions you’d make with a hundred bags or a thousand. These bags have the capacity to take your business to several doorsteps so you better use them.

  • They are handy for decoration.

Depending on the design of the bags, they can be used to decorate a room. Most times these bags are brightly colored, have sturdy stitching, and have pictures. They are probably going to be more attractive than any other object you’ll see at the conference.

This is why you can use them to decorate your booth or any other event location. Arrange some in your booth and have some in other vintage locations like your distribution vehicle. As soon as you notice they are running out, get some more to keep the vibe.

laminated packaging bag

Here are some decoration ideas you could employ:

  • Fill the bags

    gift bag design

  • Leave them hanging for the hooks attached to your canopy.
  • Arrange them neatly on a table.
  • Wear a few on your shoulder.
  • Let them hang down the tables in your booth.


  • Use them as giveaways.

This is about the most obvious use of these packaging bags at any conference. When doing this, you have to be as liberal as possible. You can’t afford to be stingy or hand them to only people you know.

If you give the bags out in this manner, they would not fulfill their purpose. The laminated packaging bags are better tools in the hands of prospects rather than current customers. Better still, share your bags to everyone you see. They will speak volumes about your business in places you can’t reach.

online packaging bags

  • Fill your bags.

To show prospects and current clients a professional side, put items into each bag before they arrive. This action might seem to be simple but it makes a huge impact on the image of your business.

Always have your promotional items close by so you can fill the bags when they are depleted. Some of these items include:

gift bag design

  • Paper items
  • Bags
  • Promo items

As people visit your booth, hand them a bag. It will make more sense if your booth is close to the conference entry point. This gives you a better chance of meeting almost everyone at the conference.

Your bags will attract people so much, they’ll feel out of place if they don’t have one in their hands.


You can use a laminated packaging bag to make a difference for your business at conferences. All you need is a perfect gift bag design which you can get from vendors of online packaging bags. Tells us other ways you feel these bags can be used in the comments section.

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