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Magnetic Vent Covers as Powerful Marketing Tools

Custom magnetic vent covers are very common in modern homes and are among the household products you should not be living without. As a matter of fact, every home uses at least one of air conditioning vents, bathroom vents or heating vents. Also, these vents are necessary in order to keep the air inside your house fresh at all times and there are various places where you can buy custom magnetic vent covers.

It is quite unfortunate that these vents can also become eyesores in the house. But, this happens because most vents are metal grates and could start looking nasty after building up dust for so long. Sometimes, these vents tend to be drab-looking and reduce the beauty of your home.request quote from zigpac

Magnetic vent covers are the best tools to use in order to restore the beauty of your home décor. Furthermore, they come in different colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes to add an extra touch of style to your home.

Features of Magnetic Vent Covers

Magnetic vent covers are pieces of soft, rubberized magnet that seal air magnetically from passing through closed metal vents.

An added plus, whether your vents are on the floor, wall, or ceiling, there is a magnetic vent customized just for it. Also note that covering your vents is easy when you can come up with different ideas, and Zigpac has many of such ideas.

Here are some of the major features that Zigpac’s vent covers offer:

  • First, they have a very solid magnetic grip
  • Also, it can be cut easily with a pair of scissors for custom fitting
  • In addition, they lay flat on the vent
  • Very flexible and can contour themselves around the vents
  • Very easy to paint to match your décor
  • These vents work well for metal vents on the floor, wall, or ceiling

custom magnetic vent covers

Reasons Why Magnetic Vent Covers Are Powerful Marketing Tools

Many companies have tapped into the need for these vent covers and now use them as marketing tools. Zigpac is always ready to help customize vent covers for different businesses at wholesale prices. However, some people do not see these magnets as very effective tools for marketing their business.

Here are some reasons why magnetic vent covers are powerful marketing tools:

Magnetic vent covers are very useful to customersrequest quote from zigpac

Vent covers offer a lot of advantages to customers as well as to your business. For one, many homes need these covers to stop airflow in parts of the house that are unused. This vent covers also help redirect air to other rooms that need them.

Some people also use these magnetic covers to block noise that usually comes in through these vents. Also, in the cold season, they help to keep the room insulated by preventing cold air from passing through the vent.

Vent covers really are useful in modern houses and will be gladly accepted as a company gift item. Another plus is you can customize them by stylishly designing them with your company name, as well as the logo, and contact details. Such custom magnetic vent covers could attract the attention of guests at the house and get you more customers.

Additionally, these vent covers can have some vital tips attached to them before giving them out. Such that whenever someone glances at them to read the tips, your brand details will also be viewed.

magnetic vent covers

Ease of distribution

Vent covers that are magnetic in nature are flat, flexible and very portable. You can easily slip them into a customer’s package or purchase bags. In addition, you can hand them out during company events, trade fairs, meetings, or campaigns.

They are very lightweight that customers can travel with them without attracting extra charges.

Their compact nature also makes them very easy to store in a purse, wallet, or bag when handed out directly. If you have a couple of these vent covers already, you can easily store some more for future use. This is possible because they are flat and do not occupy much space.

Targeted promotion

With your brand details on vent covers, you can easily plan to target a particular audience. This could save you a lot of time and resources you would have wasted on the wrong audience. Knowing the kind of people who need your products or services, you could give these covers to them specifically.request quote from zigpac

Since most men love such practical items, you could target them and give them these vents directly. While talking about the need for them to have these vents, you could also chip in about your company.

Time-tested references

These custom magnetic vent covers can be so beautifully designed that they look like business cards lying on your floor, wall, or ceiling. Where to buy magnetic vent covers from should have your business addresses to web URL, phone numbers, and specific services and products you offer written on them. Since they double up as vent covers and business cards, your customers can easily reach out to you when necessary.

Thus, these vent covers are even more accessible for your customers and potential customers than complimentary cards. When they need you, they will not have to start searching for the paper they scribbled your contact details on. You will be just a vent away.

where to buy magnetic vent covers

Repetitive brand promotion

Every room in a modern home has at least one vent – usually for air conditioning. If each room has a vent each, and there are five rooms in the house, that gives five promotion opportunities. When each of these vents is covered with one of your customized vent covers, you get to advertise in each room.

In addition, attractively customized vent covers will, no doubt, draw some attention, especially if they match the interior décor of the home. People will keep getting drawn to them and want to take a closer look at them. The more this happens, the more your brand name and details register (know more) in the mind of the observer.

Though cheap, this is one of the best ways of building your brand through repetition. It is very important to maximize this opportunity and print your business details in very legible and attractive colors.

Magnetic vent covers are actually small but mighty items for your home décor. Since they are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes, you can easily choose one that matches your room décor. Furthermore, they are inexpensive, effective, decorative, and can be easily installed on pre-existing vents.request quote from zigpac

Now that you know the reasons why you should use these covers as marketing tools, why not buy some. If you are thinking of where to buy magnetic vent covers, just contact Zigpac.

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