Sustainable Branding & Keeping the Environment Safe

Branding your products is a way of communicating several important details about your business. This is why you need to seek great green branding examples. The world is experiencing a green revolution and you have to show that your business is in support. How important are sustainable branding & eco-friendly products? We will discuss this and more in this post.

Sustainable Product Branding

Before we discuss the importance of branding using eco-friendly products and examples, let’s discuss product branding. It is a marketing strategy and it involves promoting a product or service offered by a business.

Even though corporate branding is a marketing strategy as well, it is quite different from product branding. Corporate branding focuses on more than one product. It is the marketing of a company as a whole.

It is important to create a balance between product and corporate branding. You need to engage both strategies but always ensure that your product branding reflects the corporate brand. Unification is very important in this regard.

Conscious branding that still saves the environment

If you consider your company to be eco-friendly, it is not in words alone. Everything about your business must reflect this ideology, especially your products. With this, you would establish a reputation on the market and in the hearts of customers.

Going green with your product branding can be a difficult task. No wonder many companies come up with terrible ideas that fail to appeal to the market. It is even more challenging for smaller businesses.

As you brand your eco-friendly products, you need to unify the product branding with the values of your company. This is where many companies fail with their branding. You have to be conscious and deliberate with your branding.sustainable branding

Here are a few green branding examples you can employ.

  • Products that have sustainable branding

When you think of branding, the first thing that should hit your mind is consistency or unification. You cannot tell the world that your business is eco-friendly and supports the green cause, yet your products don’t.

This sort of disparity isn’t good for business. Here’s is a simple example. If your business produces mineral water, which is natural, it’s in line with the green statement your company stands for. However, you also need to package it with eco-friendly materials to maintain this consistency.

Let’s leave out the design for now, how does the package support saving the environment? You can do two things. Either use recyclable plastic (know more) or stay away from plastic altogether. Of course, no one will buy a drink without putting it in a container so the container should be eco-friendly.

As you consider eco-friendly branding, consider the products you provide and how you package them too.

sustainable branding


  • A design that is eco-friendly

After discussing sustainable branding eco-friendly products and their packaging, diving into the design is important. As always, you still have to employ the minimalist approach with this design. Never forget that “less is always more” in design, especially for eco-friendly products.

So here’s the trick, lots of white background, a simple mix of colors and text, along with a simple logo. The design may seem straight to the point but with creativity, you’ll achieve a whole lot.

Most companies that identify with the green movement use a pair of brown and green or yellow and green. These colors end up creating logos that are very similar. This simple mistake is dire as it becomes difficult to remember different brands.

When coming up with your own ideas, you need to look at what other companies are doing. This will help you not do something similar. Most green businesses find it difficult to come up with original branding ideas. This is because the movement is branding examples

As you pick out your colors and logo, you need to figure out a name for your company. Find a name that will stick at one hearing. Ensure that it strays from the norm. So many companies under the green movement have “Recycle” or “Earth” in their names. Go for something unique and rare.

The key to the perfect design is originality and simplicity. Apply these ingredients and you can be sure to create a lasting impression on customers.

  • A Logo with sustainable branding

One way to make any product stand out is by using an attractive logo. Again, less is always more. Design a logo that is simple yet smart enough to captivate any person.

For a business that is eco-friendly, simplicity is very helpful. It gives you the rare advantage of using only a few materials that still communicate the message of your business.

Marrying creativity with originality and simplicity gives you a perfect logo. This, in turn, stamps the credibility of your company as well as the image you are trying to build.

green branding examples


  • Packaging that is eco-friendly

Having an eco-friendly product in a non-eco-friendly package completely defeats the purpose. You need to be creative about your eco-friendly packaging. Your best bet for green branding examples is either biodegradable paper or recyclable plastic.

These packages can still be used even after the product is exhausted. In a cool way, it gives the customer that feeling of purchasing a two-in-one product. Who doesn’t like the idea of getting something for free?

There are so many eco-friendly packages you can use for your products. These packages will end up doing more than you bargained for. Though they were meant to package, they do adverts on your behalf as branding examples

  • Green Logistics

Creating an eco-friendly product that is packaged with recyclable materials is not the end of the process. You still have to consider how your sustainable branding eco-friendly products reach the end-users.

Customers who are part of the green movement will stop at nothing to get what they want. This means they are concerned with how the products reach the shelves too.

As a rule of thumb, logistics is a huge part of your business, especially if it is eco-friendly. Your logistic methods cannot be harmful to the earth. Ensure you use methods that don’t emit so much carbon or waste. This is a great way to gain the trust of your prospects who will turn out to be customers.


In this post, we have discussed a few green branding examples to help your cause as an eco-friendly business. With these branding ideas, you can do a lot to save our environment while making a profit. It is important to establish your reputation as an eco-friendly company on the market.