Wall Decal Stickers: Difference Between Decal & Sticker?

The truth is wall decal stickers and wall stickers (know more) are very similar and are often hard to separate from each other. They are even used interchangeably but that doesn’t mean they are not different. In fact, experts are of the opinion that, all wall decals are stickers but not all stickers for walls are decals. 

The differences will be listed below but first let us talk about the similarities which are the following; they both comprise of the paperback part and then an adhesive part. The adhesive part is placed on the paper backing and the design is printed in the front. The adhesive layer can be made of a number of materials including vinyl, paper, and aluminum. 

Understanding What a Decal is

In a simple term, they are decorative stickers that are mainly used for outdoor purposes. The composition of decal stickers are papers on both the back and front and the decal decoration itself. In most cases, these decorations are transferrable from the sticker to another surface. Typically, the use of decals for a car would demand that the design undergoes a printing process known as eco-solvent printing. wall decal stickers

In some cases, they are printed on laminates using UV, however, the most common material used is Vinyl. Although most people use decals for outdoor purposes, it is safe to say that you can use them to form indoor purposes as well. All you need is a surface that is smooth for an easy and firm grip. 

Decals usually come in two forms; Cut or Printed form. The materials you print your design to determining how long the stickers will last.

wall decal stickers

Understanding What a Sticker is

A sticker is usually a type of label that is either produced from cut vinyl or printed. Stickers are often more durable for outdoors, hence making the use of decals for outdoor purposes a less durable option. Stickers are typically made up of 2 layers. The front layer usually consists of the design and info printed on the layer and an adhesive at the back. The back layer is the protective layer that you need to pull off to reveal the adhesive behind the front layer. 

There are many things that can be considered as stickers. These can be a label on a beer bottle, a stamp, stickers for walls, cars, etc. If you use the right materials for your stickers, they can last beyond 8 years.

Understanding What a Vinyl Sticker is

Vinyl stickers are often referred to as wall decal stickers. A special cutting plotter is an instrument that you can use to cut vinyl stickers. In some cases, people refer to vinyl stickers either as a wall, vinyl, or tattoo stickers. 

The use of vinyl stickers is quite different from the use of decals. Vinyl stickers can be used to decorate the window of a shop, sandwich board, services, rooms, vehicles, or a sign for promoting businesses. You can also place them on glasses, walls, or any other surface that is smooth. Vinyl stickers can either be used for decoration or information purposes. You can also use them for both.request quote from zigpac

The Differences between Wall Decals and Stickers Uses 

Stickers for walls are used for logos, illustrations, and advertisements while decals are used majorly for decoration and advertising purposes on floors, windows, walls, and vehicles. 

  • SIZE: Wall Stickers are usually smaller in size and are applied to smaller products while wall decal stickers are usually larger and are applied on larger surface areas like windows, walls, and floors. The use of wall decals depends on the sizes and the surface that they will be placed. 

  • QUANTITY PRODUCED: Because of their small size, stickers are usually produced and/or ordered in larger quantities while decals because of their relatively large size, decals are usually ordered in smaller quantities. 

  • APPLICATION: Stickers for walls are typically used for small format advertising whereas large format advertising, people are advised to use wall decal stickers.

  • LIFESPAN: Decals are not made to last long, in fact, they are believed not to be able to last for up to 5 years whereas quality stickers can last for up to 10years 

  • TRANSFER: Wall Decals can be transferred from a place to another whereas stickers cannot be transferred. Stickers for walls are an easy way to show your personal style and decorate things temporarily whereas when you use wall decals to make statements and tell people your interests in a catchy way. For permanent outdoor decorations, decals are the best. 

  • INSTALLATION: Decals are actually harder to install than stickers for walls. You stick wall stickers but you transfer wall decal stickers from one surface to another. 

  • COMPOSITION: Decals are usually made up of different parts like the pattern and the PVC vinyl because they are applied to surfaces where the PVC vinyl will be needed. 

  • GEOGRAPHICAL DIFFERENCES: Decal is a term used more in Australia, the United States of America while Wall sticker is the term used more in Europe.

wall decal stickers

How easy is it to take off decals?

It is important that you read this before you take off decals from your wall. The reason for this is that carelessly ripping off decals from a wall that you just painted may deface your wall or rip the paint with it. If you are using other varieties of stickers, you may not need to worry about causing major damage to your wall. 

The use of decals on walls can bring amazing benefits, however, if you do not take them off properly, you may be left with a few regrets. To remove your decals without causing any damage on your wall, you will need to heat up the surface of the sticker. An instrument that we recommend using is a hairdryer. However, it is important that you play with the setting until you find a warm, not hot setting.request quote from zigpac

The use of decals and stickers for walls and outdoor purposes is not a new thing. However, it is best to print your designs on a good material for a long-lasting effect. If you have any demand for custom wall decal stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.