Basics of Holiday Packaging for More Sales

If you are a business owner, you need to start planning ahead of the holiday season, as it can come thick and fast. To ensure maximum sales of products during holidays, a seasonal marketing strategy has to be implemented- Custom seasonal packaging. 

Holiday sales packaging depends to a large extent, on the type of business you are involved in. It also depends on the type of holiday.

Packaging for Christmas makes consumers visit a particular brand often as what they seek is convenience. This is because gift wrapping (know more) takes too long, and consumers also forget to buy important elements like ribbons or gift tags. This strategy is a potent tool to attract customers over competitors.


  • It fulfills an important need

Consumers want retailers to understand their needs, hence they look out for such signs when browsing for products. Consumers are attracted to products that meet their needs for convenience as holidays are a busy and stressful time of the year. holiday sales packaging

Various incentives like free shipping or easy returns are often used as marketing strategies during the holidays. However, custom seasonal packaging stands high above the rest, as it makes a brand unique.

A survey by Virgin Trains shows that 67% of people find gift-wrapping as one of the most frustrating parts of the holidays. This makes brands or retailers who offer this service a more viable option to consumers.

  • It makes your goods more appealing

Holiday sales packaging can influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is not applicable as most people get attracted to products that are properly packaged.

Positive customer experience is enhanced by the attractive unboxing of goods. Packaging for Christmas is even more important for branded retailers, who get their products from external suppliers. This strategy will make your services unique, thus, giving customers enough reason to patronize you over competitors. 

Having established the fact that what individuals see influences what they buy, it is expedient that you use this strategy for more sales.

  • It builds brand recall

Custom seasonal packaging makes customers have a second look at your products. This will make them develop an interest in your product, and also build a relationship with your brand. 

About 20-40% of annual sales for small to medium-sized businesses are made during holidays.  This means that different business enterprise vies for consumers' attention during this period. However, holiday sales packaging makes use of captivating visual content which makes your brand unique. It also builds brand recognition in customers as it gives your brand name or logo the needed attention. 

holiday sales packaging


Holiday sales packaging can be frightening to businesses operating on a low budget. Also, a temporary change in packaging styles might not be feasible. However, there are some low-budget seasonal options you can use to pull that holiday traffic.

  • Custom tissue paper

Custom seasonal packaging can be done by lining the inside of a gift box using a custom tissue paper. It is very light, hence can be used to wrap a wide range of different-shaped products. This simple trick can help give an item a first-rate appearance.

  • Custom stickers

Stickers are flexible packaging tools that can be used to decorate the outside of packages. They can also be given out as freebies to customers. Printing your brand logo or name on stickers, in addition to your holiday packaging design will help promote sales. custom seasonal packaging

  • Custom tape

When packaging for Christmas, most products will likely be delivered in boxed forms. However, custom-printed boxes might not fit into the budget of small businesses, thus, custom tapes can be used to seal plain boxes. 

  • Handwritten notes

Showing your customers that their orders are lovingly put together endears them to your product. There is no better way of showing this affection than putting thank-you notes and season greetings into their packages. This specifically plays to the advantage of small businesses, as they receive relatively small orders.

  • Printed bags

Plastic bags are not often appreciated when used as a form of packaging. However, they are used by retail shops to carry already boxed products. They are most suitable for items that are heavy as they are made of sturdy materials. However, they form a major part of environmental pollution if not properly disposed of.

  • Paper bags

Paper bags perform similar functions to plastic bags, and a slight holiday touch will excite your customers. However, if the Christmas design is too flashy, leftover bags may come to waste once the holiday season is over.

holiday sales packaging


Here are some useful tips to consider 

  1. Less is more

Custom seasonal packaging can be overly done if the urge to please your customers is very high. However, this can be confusing to customers as they won’t know where to focus their attention. Doing this can also be expensive. Making it simple will help your holiday packaging design look classy.custom seasonal packaging

  1. Think sustainably

Make use of renewable materials like paper and cardboard. The use of non-renewable materials like plastic, ribbon, and cellophane wrapping constitutes a large percentage of waste.

Most customers are sensitive about sustainability, hence, can be pissed off if a retailer overly uses it. 

  1. Ask your customers to share it

Holiday sales packaging opens a large online marketing opportunity for a product brand. When customers are encouraged to share images of their parcels on social media, more attraction is created for that particular brand. This is because consumers are 90% more likely to buy from a brand recommended by friends and family. Also, creating a branded holiday hashtag while gifting stuff away can boost your exposure. 


 Holiday sales packaging is a major strategy in improving sales. Custom seasonal packaging is magical as it creates the needed consumer attention your business needs to bloom during festive seasons. However, packaging for Christmas should be done based on the budget of the retailer or product brand. If you have any demand for custom perfect business bags, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.