Making a Phone Case with Stickers

There is a new rave about aesthetic clear phone cases. Did you know you could make yours at home by using cute printable aesthetic stickers?request quote from zigpac

We will show you how in this tutorial post.

The process of using aesthetic stickers

Making your phone case using aesthetic stickers printable should be pretty easy. Just follow each step in this tutorial. Before you go one, you could print your stickers yourself or order some from Zigpac.

Step 1: Get your phone out of your clear phone case

This should be pretty simple. After all, you probably put your phone into the case yourself. In some cases, it may take longer than expected. You can’t give up now, so just keep at it till the case is removed. Just make sure you don’t break the case or phone and you don’t get injured too.

Step 2: Choose your color themerequest quote from zigpac

It’s your phone case which means it is an extension of your personality. When making an aesthetic phone case, you need to decide on your color theme. What color do you love best or what color suits your phone best? If you are a fashion-driven fellow, you might want a case that matches most of your clothes.

Step 3: Print little pictures on heavy-duty card stock paper (aesthetic stickers)

Based on your chosen color theme, simply pick pictures that appeal to you. Print them out on a heavy-duty card stock paper. This kind of paper is required to ensure your cute aesthetic stickers are durable.

After printing, check the paper to be sure it does not have printer ink all over it. If it does, then you have to print again. The spilled ink could mess up your whole work and make it look ugly. Rather than go through the stress, why not just order stickers from Zigpac.


Step 4: Get some double-sided tape

This tape will help you tape your aesthetic stickers printable to the inside of the phone case. Be sure to get one of good quality and also a tape cutter to make it easy on your fingers.

aesthetic stickers

Step 5: Cut the images out of the printout

You can do your cutting on a table so that your hands can be stable. Pick your best cutting tools, either a pair of scissors or paper-knife. Start cutting out the pictures one after the other. Be careful not to damage any else you need to print all over.

Step 6: Begin placing the aesthetic stickers into the clear phone case

This should be pretty easy, well, that depends on how good you are with using double-sided tape. Place the pictures into your phone case one after the other in your predetermined arrangement. Once you place a picture in, you stick it before moving to the next picture. This will prevent the pictures from falling off or meddling with each other.

Step 7: Restore your phone into the case

Now that you have stuck all your aesthetic stickers printable into your phone case, it must be so adorable. The next step is to restore your phone into its clear case filled with cute aesthetic stickers. What does it look like? Beautiful and cute, right?request quote from zigpac


Now you know how to make an aesthetic clear phone case using aesthetic stickers. It is pretty simple so you can do it from home by yourself. You can also order some cute aesthetic stickers from Zigpac to add to your sticker (know more) arsenal.