Why Carry a Reusable Cloth Bag With You?

So many people are making the switch to the reusable cloth tote bag (know more) for several reasons. If you are yet to see a reason why you should carry a plastic-free bag, you should read on. 

A reusable tote bag has so many advantages which are why many people prefer them these days. 


Why reusable cloth bags?

Until now, plastic bags have been the order of the day. We use them when going grocery shopping, packaging clothing, and several other materials. They are even used for promotions.

However, plastic bags are beginning to lose popularity very fast. You are likely to see a reusable cloth bag in most homes today. What is the reason for this switch?request quote from zigpac

Our oceans are filled with plastic materials that cannot decay, at least 2.41 million tons every year. This is very dangerous for marine life as well as our environment in general. It is evident that as much as we love plastic bags, they constitute a huge threat to both human and animal life.

This is one of the reasons why most people prefer to carry a plastic-free bag these days. These reusable bags, as their name implies, can be used over and over again. You don’t need to dispose of them after use like paper bags.

Another reason why a reusable tote bag is becoming more popular is durability. No one wants to spend on bags over and over when there are bags that will last for very long. Paper and plastic bags might be beautiful but they don’t last as long as tote canvas bags.

Tote bags are made using very durable materials. This makes them very sturdy and perfect for a plethora of uses. Some of the materials used in making these reusable bags include jute and canvas. 

reusable cloth bag

Reasons why you should carry a reusable cloth bag with you 

You are probably still wrapping your head around why you should get a reusable cloth bag. This is because you are so used to plastic and paper bags. It is normal so there’s no reason to feel strange.

In this section, we will provide you reasons why you should carry a reusable tote bag everywhere. request quote from zigpac

  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the reusable cloth bag

Here’s the first thing you need to understand about a plastic-free bag. It has just as many uses as a plastic bag or paper bag. In fact, it may even have more considering the fact that it is sturdier in nature.

Generally, they are bigger in size so they will carry more items on your shopping trips. This way, you don’t have to worry about carrying too many bags at the same time. 

Even though they are big, they can be folded to become compact. This implies that you can fold this kind of bag and put it into your pocket. It is almost impossible to achieve this with a plastic bag because they are not that flexible. 

Another reason why they are so effective is that they can’t get soiled by leaks and spills from groceries. This is a huge advantage considering the fact that once you wash the bag, it is back in shape. 

plastic free bag

  • Friendly to the environment

We have already discussed how detrimental plastic and paper bags are to our environment. They cause so much harm which can be avoided by the use of reusable bags. 

Since these bags can be used multiple times, there is no need to dispose of them after use. Plastic and paper bags, on the other hand, are mostly disposed of after each use. That is why we have so much plastic in our oceans today.request quote from zigpac

With plastic-free bags, we can eliminate harmful toxins that are plaguing our environment. It will be very difficult for these bags to end up in the sea or at a waste disposal facility. This is really good for our environment.

As a user, you should feel really good that you are fixing the environment each time you carry one of these bags. 

  • Conserving sea life with the reusable cloth bag

It is important that sea life is cared for the same way we care about life on land. This will bring balance to our ecosystem. Many animals in the sea drown or suffocate from entanglement with plastic materials dumped in the ocean. 

This is just one of the dangers these animals face. How can you fix this problem? By carrying a reusable tote bag. It is that simple. We all have a part to play in making our world a better place, play yours with your reusable printed tote bags.

reusable cloth bag

  • Fashionable

Are you in search of a new addition to your style? Then you should consider carrying a reusable cloth bag. First of all, it makes you unique and stand out. These bags are not just saving the environment, they are trendy and fashionable. plastic free bag

They have finally taken grocery shopping to a new high in terms of fashion. You no longer have to carry the monotonous plastic bags, cloth bags have more designs and colors. What a cool way to show off your style.

  • Reduction in carbon footprint with a reusable cloth bag

In plain terms, the more times you make use of a plastic-free bag, the more the carbon footprint reduces. These bags age like a fine wine with respect to the impact on the environment. Each bag will emit carbon but the more you use it, the higher the number of times that divides the carbon emitted. 

As you make use of these bags, you reduce their carbon emission to almost zero. The impact of this on our environment is immense as it contributes to a safer environment.

plastic free bag

  • Versatility

We cannot complete our list of reasons to switch to a reusable tote bag without touching their versatility. They can be used for several purposes. From packaging products to grocery shopping to carrying wine, the uses are countless. 

Asides being very useful, they can carry volume, which is a huge plus. 

Conclusionplastic free bag

We could go on and on about why you should carry a reusable cloth bag. The reasons are so many. Share with Zigpac in the comments section other reasons why you should switch to a plastic-free bag.