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Corporate Promotional Products Effect on Brand Recognition

One of the most profound methods of boosting your business image is through corporate promotional products (know more). With branded promotional merchandise, you can achieve loads of impressions on your marketing campaigns. This is why the internet has provided us several ways to check the effectiveness of using effective marketing gifts. We will take a look at the effect of these products on brand recognition.effective marketing gifts

Results of surveys by the BPMA

BPMA stands for British Promotional Merchandise Association. The body carried out a series of surveys to prove the fact that promotional products have a huge effect on brand recognition. As a matter of fact, it has proven that corporate promotional products and brand recognition are directly proportional.

This implies that to improve your sales, you need to make use of branded promotional merchandise. Effective marketing gifts are not just for boosting sales and recognition, they give you returns on your investment.

The BPMA conducted its survey in 2012 so we thought it will be wise to bring you some of the results. About 15,000 people took part in this survey. They all received one promotional gift at some point during the previous year.

branded promotional merchandise

These are the findings from this survey:

  • About 66% of the participants said that they found it very easy to remember the brands on their gifts.
  • When compared to other advert methods like radio, branded promotional merchandise performed better with respect to ROI. On the other hand, they performed at about the same rate as television and print media.
  • Close to 79% of the participants said that it was likely that they would patronize the brands again.
  • At least 87% of all the participants said that they had kept the corporate promotional products beyond one year.
  • A little of over half of the participants, precisely 56%, said their mindset about the brands had changed.effective marketing gifts

What do we deduce from these results?

It is clear that when you send out corporate promotional products, it will be easier for clients to remember your brand. Put yourself in their shoes, look back over the last year at the gift items you’ve received. Do you notice that you can remember most of the brands that gifted you those items?

Exactly, that is the effect these gifts have on the minds of every person that receives them. Another thing we notice from this survey is the ROI.

An example is tote bags that can get between 5,800 and 6,000 impressions. When you break it down to how many impressions per dollar, they make a thousand per dollar. That’s far higher than radio adverts and about the same as billboards and television.

It is almost impossible not to have a desire to return to a company that presents your gifts. This is because it shows that the brand has its clients in mind and cares about them.

When you present effective marketing gifts, clients are likely to keep them for very long periods. Why? It is simple when you receive such gifts, you cherish them as well as the intention behind the gifts. This will lead to a change in perception about the brand.

corporate promotional products

What corporate promotional products are most popular?

There are so many products that are given out as corporate promotional gifts. This means that it can be quite challenging to choose one from the lot.

Part of the objectives of this survey BPMA was to determine which promotional items were more popular. Based on the list of favorites by the participants of the survey, here are the top products:branded promotional merchandise

  • USB drives.
  • Mugs
  • Writing instruments
  • Pens

There are so many factors that determine which promotional products come out tops. For example, when it comes to how long a product can be kept, then mugs top the list.

At least 87% of the participants kept their mugs for over a year. Extending the period to over four years, 30% said they still had their mugs. This is evident that mugs are very effective marketing gifts.

Here’s why they are so effective. The longer the products stay in the hands of your customers, the more impressions they will make. What amazes one more is the fact that the impressions spread to everyone that comes in contact with these products.

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How promotional products alter consumer behavior

Though most people do not notice it, corporate promotional products can alter consumer behavior. This staggering statistic shows that consumer habits can completely change with these gifts.

The first thing you can cause to change is the loyalty of the customers. Once again, put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

Have you been patronizing a store and they haven’t gifted you a thing? You now visit a new store and they gift you something on the first day. Who would are you likely to be loyal to? Of course, the one that gifts you something on the first day.branded promotional merchandise

Another thing noticed with customers who receive promotional items is that they would hardly give out these products. Branded promotional merchandise is kept as souvenirs by these clients as they regard them as very useful.

So here’s the advice. Your promotional gifts should be strong enough to catch the attention of your clients and prospects. Along with this, they should be useful enough to meet the needs of your clients.

The use of corporate promotional products

Why do we use branded promotional merchandise in the first place? The first reason is to improve the recognition of our brands.

When using these items, it is wise to use them along with an invitation to action. This way, clients see a step to follow so that they can commit more to your brand. Most times they don’t even know they are taking an action that yields positive results for your brand.

corporate promotional products


The aim of this post is to make you see that corporate promotional products can turnaround your brand recognition. But the onus lies on you to channel these effective marketing gifts properly. This way, sales will improve and your brand can spread like wildfire.

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