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Recipe to Create the Perfect Gift

These days, most businesses are looking to create custom promotional items. Why wouldn’t they considering how big the industry is. If you run a business, it is important that you seek the best cheap promotional gift items.

In this post, we will consider the recipe for creating the best promotional gifts that will attract clients (know more).

Why you should create custom promotional items

The Promotional Industry is currently valued at $2.2 billion. This piece of information is provided by the Promotional Products Association International. The industry has grown over the years because of the importance of these products to the growth of businesses.request quote from zigpac

With the right promotional gifts, you’ll not just attract a huge number of customers, you’ll keep them on your side. The reason why you can achieve client loyalty is the fact that these gifts show them you care.

When you get the formula right, these corporate gifts have the power to take your business to the next level. They are memorabilia that tell clients and prospects what your business is all about. You are able to create an impression using these promotional gifts.

If you ask most people, they’d tell you that they will usually keep these items from companies for many years. Most times, this is not planned, it just happens out of habit.

Of course, there are the regular cheap promotional items, and there are also the swag items. You might overlook them, but these items, as little as they may seem, make a huge difference. They don’t have to be expensive, they just have to look good and meet a peculiar need.

The question has always been, “what makes up the best promotional gifts?” Let’s take a look at a simple recipe to help you with your next campaign.

custom promotional products

The custom promotional items recipe

Are you caught in a dilemma about what items to gift to your clients? Do you keep asking yourself what you can add to your product that would be really useful? This is the challenge faced by many manufacturers and entrepreneurs daily.

There is no need to bug your head anymore. With this recipe, you have this sorted out in no time. Let’s begin.request quote from zigpac

Come up with a unique idea

Of course, it has to be unique. The idea behind promotional items is that they resonate in the heart of the receiver. This is why they have to be unique.


Imagine getting a notepad or coffee mug as a gift in one of the products you purchased. There is a possibility that you will forget very soon where you got it from. What’s the reason? They aren’t so special.

On the other hand, if you got a unique gift, you are likely to be so impressed. You won’t forget in a hurry because of the unique nature of the gift. This is exactly how a unique item will make your clients and other prospects feel.


So work with your team to figure out what you can give to clients that will be so unique. Something that will make them look forward to your next giveaway. They seem mundane at first, but they do the work and churn out amazing results.

best promotional gifts
A pile of Christmas gifts in colorful wrapping with ribbons.


Never leave out the place of anticipation for your custom promotional items

Check this out. You received a package from one of your vendors and it was just an envelope. At about the same time, you received another package, this time in a box.request quote from zigpac


Which of these packages will be more excited to open? Two-thirds of us will pick the box first. Why? It leaves so much to be anticipated. An envelope is great but who wants to read a letter of thanks over and over.


Your clients want something to look forward to when they receive any of your promotional items. By the way, the fact that it is in a box doesn’t mean it has to be huge or costly. There’s this element of surprise that comes with this sort of gifts that is priceless.


As much as you can, draw anticipation from your clients when sending a promotional item.

cheap promotional items

Make it engaging

This is one of the mistakes most vendors make. Custom promotional items should be engaging, not passive. This is why we will never suggest something like a bookend. Not that a bookend is bad, it’s not just engaging.


The way a client will remember an item after receiving it for a while is because it is engaging. With this, the client can remember the day the item was received and who sent it. Isn’t that what promotional gifts were meant for in the first place?


This is the key, when sending out a gift item, make sure it is something your client will use often. It should be something the user always wants to use, touch, or interact with. Create something that may require assembly or arrangement. Also, make sure it isn’t boring too.request quote from zigpac

Make sure the custom promotional item is relevant

Let’s ask ourselves another important question here. If you bought a clipper and the manufacturer added a pen as a gift, does it make any sense? Or maybe you found a notepad in the package, what impression does that give?


It is simple, these items do not in any way, resonate with the business. What will be more appropriate will be a clipper bag or something related to clippers. When sending out such a gift, take time to think about how relevant it is to your business.


As a rule of thumb, never send out a promotional item that doesn’t pass the right message about your business. These items are meant to reinforce what your business does in the mind of the user.


A relationship must exist between the item and your business. Every time the user sees the item, the first thing that should come to mind is your business. This is why you cannot afford the item not to be relevant to your business.

custom promotional products

Creativity and class is the name of the game

Yes, we talked about cheap promotional items earlier, yet don’t look too cheap. After all, your business is not too big yet, so why spend a fortune on gift items? Nobody is ready to part with so much for promotions or anything these days.


This is something you should take note of, cost and impression are not synonymous. The fact that something is costly doesn’t mean it will make a great impression. Cheap promotional gift items are meant to make an impression.


They can be cheap but should never look or create a cheap impression. You cannot afford for your gifts to seem generic. They should ooze class from the word go. This is where your creativity comes in.custom promotional products


By the way, most companies forbid their staff from receiving expensive souvenirs. The prescribed limit is $25 but mostly less. This is you shouldn’t even bother with costly items. Try to make them as classy and creative as you can and you are in business.


Don’t forget to add your logo to the custom promotional item

We don’t even expect you to, it is a no brainer. How else will you bring your business to the mind of the user? Your logo should be tactfully interwoven into the design of the promotional item.


We expect that you have a logo already before getting to this stage. If you don’t, you need to design one now. One glance at your logo and we should be able to figure out who you are. It should also tell what your business stands for.

best promotional gifts

The custom promotional items should last long

One of the characteristics of the best cheap promotional gift items is that they last for long. It is not bad to send food items or flowers but after a while, these lose value. For example, if you sent some peanuts, the client eats them up and forgets in a week, or less.


You cannot afford that in memorable or promotional marketing with cheap items. The idea is to keep the product in the mind of the user for as long as possible.


So when sending out gift items, it is best to send non-perishables. This way, any time the client sees that object, he or she remembers your business. This reminder could last years, or at least till you send another gift item.custom promotional products


Don’t remain in your comfort zone

This is the part where we tell you to think out of the box. It is not the amount of money that you spend on the items that matter. What matters is the effort and creativity you put into making the items special.


What you don’t know is that it is easy for the user to know if you made the effort or not. Just a look at the item will give you away. People are known to appreciate the intention more than the item in most cases.


Creating custom promotional items is one of the best ways to honor loyalty. When next you want to spend some money on giveaways, follow this recipe. Go out of your way to do something memorable for your clients and watch your business soar.

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